Juha Arrasvuori


FT, Tampereen yliopisto, 2006
Tekniikan ja innovaatiojohtamisen yksikkö, SC-Research


  • TUTA2270 Innovative Product Development (as co-teacher)

Project work:

  • PERIL (2023-25): Main roles: project manager; research through piloting demos on tackling climate change risks.

Past projects:

  • KOMPASSI (2021-23): Main roles: project manager; authoring learning content.
  • PAJATSO (2021-22): Role: contributed to developing an online platform aiming to reduce food waste.
  • BID4E (2019-21). Role: project manager.
  • RISKI-DIGI (2020-21). Role: project manager.
  • WASTELESS (2019-21). Role: contributed in deploying a prediction model and process for reducing food waste.
  • INTERFACE (2018). Role: project manager.
  • CO-PROTOLAB (2018-20). Role: developed a process for using intellectual property protection methods in service concepting.
  • Käyttäjäinnovaatiot (2018). Role: contributed to define a user innovation process.
  • IMDAIC (2016-17). Role: co-developed an innovation process; co-invented with an industry partner patents resulting in 25 granted patent familities.
  • DIGI-ACTION (2017). Role: information sharing to SMEs about the opportunities of digitalization.
  • DIGI-BOTNIA (2017). Role: project manager.
  • EP-DIGI (2016-17). Role: project manager.
  • iREN (2014-15). Role: researcher.
  • SOPPI (2012-14). Role: researcher.
  • NOVUS (2012-13). Role: researcher.
  • NOMAD (2012-16). Role: researcher.

I joined University of Vaasa in 2012 as an Associate Professor. Before that, I conducted research at Nokia Research Center.

Outcomes of my research, including patents, can be accessed via Google Scholar.

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