Angelos Balatsas Lekkas


Markkinoinnin ja viestinnän yksikkö, Markkinointi
029 449 8692

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Angelos Balatsas-Lekkas currently works as post-doctoral researcher at the university of Vaasa, school of Marketing and Communication. He holds an MSc in Engineering Management and a PhD in collaborative design practices in healthcare, both degrees obtained from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). For the last 7 years Angelos has been studying consumers in the fields of healthcare, food and packaging innovation. He has been regularly producing new knowledge related to needs, expectations and behavior of consumers for national and international projects attended by public and private organizations.



Angelos studies the role of sustainable food and packaging innovations in consumers' transition toward more (or less) sustainable behaviors. His current focus is on consumers' perspectives and behavior related to reusable packaging for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.

During 2023, he conducted a 3-month research visit at MAPP Centre, in Aarhus University (Denmark) related to the topic of reusable packaging and supported by national project "4everPack".


  • Me, My Health and My Food, 2021-2023, Business Finland


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