Harri Salovaara

Yliopisto-opettaja, englannin kieli

029 449 8501
Puuvillakuja 6, 65200 Vaasa
Puuvillatalo P220

I am a PhD and University Teacher of English courses at Linginno Language Centre at University of Vaasa. My higher education teaching portfolio includes courses on academic writing, American society, business communication, discourses, literature, translation, and spoken and written English.

My research interests are primarily in the environmental humanities but with side interests in gender, sport, and higher education language teaching, among other things. So far, I have published on topics in the fields of English studies, ecocriticism, gender, trauma, sport, branding, and literary and cultural studies.

I have also worked as a translator, and in my previous life in management. My current engagements outside work include local green politics, grassroots activism, and youth football coaching.

My website and research blog is available at https://extremeresearcher.wordpress.com/

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