Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics

Päivitetty 6.2.2021 | 15:02

The Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics was founded in 1990 by way of restructuring the Lithuanian Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Economics founded in 1959. The establisher of the institute is the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.  In 2010 Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics was granted a status of state scientific research institute and began implementing long-term programs of institutional scientific research and experimental development (2012-2016; 2017-2021) which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. This practice of “double subordination” is not widely spread in the scientific research field; however, the Institute results show the innovativeness of this model and a story of success. The Institute has the total number of 55 employees, of which 40 are involved in scientific research, including 20 doctors of science.