Information for parents

Finland is well known as a secure and clean country. The Finnish society builds upon the equality and as a stable democracy is a safe choice to live and study. Finnish education tops several international charts and comparisons building on innovations and new teaching methods, but not forgetting the individual. Vaasa is an international city, where students can enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits of the Finnish society and education.

The following stories are addressed to the parents of the prospective students. They are written in various languages by our students about their experiences at the University of Vaasa. We keep updating the site regularly with more stories.

Vietnamese - PDF (213 KB)
Russian - PDF (138 KB)
Italian - PDF (968 KB)
Italian - PDF (102 KB)
Italian - PDF (202 KB)
Indonesian - PDF (105 KB)
Greek - PDF (480 KB)
German - PDF (181 KB)
German - PDF (349 KB)
French - PDF (1 MB)
Farsi - PDF (148 KB)
Dutch - PDF (221 KB)
Chinese - PDF (330 KB)
Arabic - PDF (112 KB)
Urdu - PDF (81 KB)