@PACE Decommissioning of Energy Assets

@PACE offers a project-centric, situational awareness portal aiding (de)commissioning of offshore installations. Rich insights are engineered, using automated data processing pipelines from Earth Observations, AIS, weather, sea state and various GIS data repositories and combined with in-situ surveys and sensor data.

There is an exponential growth of available data through orchestrated efforts of open data programs both in Europe and in US, including Earth Observations (EO), Geographic Information System (GIS), weather, and sea state models. Additionally, a growing number of commercial data providers (high resolution EO, Satellite Automatic Identification System (SatAIS), sub-sea surveys, etc.) is emerging with data offered through high latency Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Together, both avenues create a huge opportunity in terms of information availability. However, most companies involved in offshore construction and decommissioning lack the resources to collect and engineered those diverse data sources into actionable insights. Further challenge arises, when insights are finally sourced and need to be shared amongst diverse stakeholders/contractors at different project stages.

@PACE provides secure event log for data lineage and human interaction with information assuring long-term record available for big and small project stakeholders and contractors.  ​

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