Pauli Valkjärvi

Laboratory Engineer, University of Vaasa
Master of Science (Technology) 2022, Smart Energy
Pauli Valkjärvi

What do you fondly remember about your studies and student life?

I moved from Ylihärmä to Vaasa to study because I was interested in the energy sector, for which I had heard Vaasa provided excellent opportunities. I already had a very positive image of the city, and quite quickly, it turned out to be true.

At the university, I had the chance to meet like-minded people and form strong friendships. Additionally, I quickly realised that I had chosen the right field for my interests, so overall, I have positive memories of studying.

What's your job like?

My work at the university's engine laboratory is highly versatile and diverse. It mainly involves preparing and conducting engine tests for research projects, as well as procuring and maintaining the necessary equipment in the laboratory. Additionally, I'm responsible for reporting on my work in projects.

I enjoy being part of developing more environmentally friendly combustion engines. Perhaps the toughest part of the job is the occasional heavy workload relative to resources, but planning and prioritising tasks help manage that.

The highlights of my career are moments when I realise that I have internalised new knowledge so well that I can apply it to solve a problem.

What was the most important thing you learned at university?

University teaches a lot that's beneficial in the professional world. The most crucial individual lesson, I'd say, is learning to seek out new information and apply it when tackling challenging problems.

Beyond the degree and skills, the most significant thing from university is the friends and networks that support you through your studies. So, besides studying, it's important to find good friends with whom you can have fun!