Jukka Partanen


Johtamisen yksikkö, Strateginen johtaminen
029 449 8251
Kaisaniemenkatu 4A (4. kerros), 00100 Helsinki
Vaasan Yliopisto Helsingin toimipiste


I received my Ph.D. from the Helsinki School of Economics in 2008. Before joining the School of Management in fall 2015, I worked 12 years at the Aalto University (Department of Marketing). In 2018-2019, I was a visiting professor at IE Business School, Madrid.


My research interests include high-growth firms, entrepreneurial stress and wellbeing, strategic networks, and industrial service business.


Currently I teach Service Business Development and Startups and Innovation. In addition, I teach Startup Marketing course in the Aalto Ventures Program, Aalto University.

Selected publications

Partanen, J., Kohtamäki, M., Patel, P.C., Parida, V. (2020). Supply chain ambidexterity and manufacturing SME performance: The moderating roles of network capability and strategic information flow. International Journal of Production Economics, 221: 107470.

Partanen, J., Kauppila, O-P., Sepulveda, F. & Gabrielsson, M. (2020). Turning network resources into performance: the mediating role of network identity of small-and medium-sized enterprises. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 14(2): 178-197. https://doi.org/10.1002/sej.1296

Partanen, J. & Goel, S. (2016). Interplay between reputation and growth: the source, role and audience of reputation of rapid growth technology-based SMEs. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/08985626.2016.1262908

Kohtamaki, M. & Partanen, J. (2016). Co-creating value from knowledge-intensive business services in manufacturing firms: The moderating role of relationship learning in supplier?customer interactions.

Partanen, J. & Chetty, S. K. & Rajala, A. (2014). Innovation types and network relationships. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 38(5): 1027-1055.

Chetty, S., Partanen, J., Rasmussen, E. & Servais, P. (2014). Contextualizing case studies in entrepreneurship - A tandem approach to conducting a longitudinal cross-country case study. International Small Business Journal, 32(7): 818-829.

Kohtamäki, M., Partanen, J., Parida, V., & Wincent, J. (2013). Non-linear relationship between industrial service offering and sales growth: The moderating role of network capabilities. Industrial Marketing Management, 42 (8): 1374-1385.

Kohtamäki, M., Partanen, J. & Möller, K. (2013). Making a profit with R&D services?the critical role of relational capital. Industrial Marketing Management, 42 (1): 71-81.

Partanen, J. & Möller, K. (2012). How to build a strategic network: A practitioner-oriented process model for the ICT sector. Industrial Marketing Management, 41(3): 481-494.

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