Emmanuel Ndzibah

Yliopistonlehtori, Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Tekniikan ja innovaatiojohtamisen yksikkö, Tuotantotalous
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Renewable Energy & Sustainable Communities

The trajectory of the future hinges upon embracing a diverse array of renewable energy solutions crafted with sustainability at their core. My scholarly pursuits are dedicated to the strategic management of renewable energy products and services, with a particular focus on fostering intelligent practices within developing nations. Furthermore, my research endeavors encompass educational initiatives aimed at cultivating innovative and sustainable approaches to shaping Africa's renewable energy landscape.


Emmanuel Ndzibah is a University Lecturer and the Study Track Manager for MSc in Industrial Systems Analytics at the School of Technology and Innovations, University of Vaasa – Finland.

Emmanuel holds an International Certificate in Marketing (CIM-UK), a M.Sc. in Business Administration with International Marketing as a major, and Ph.D. in Industrial Management from the University of Vaasa in Finland.

His expertise includes but is not limited to renewable energy, sustainable strategies, and intelligent management strategies for developing economies. He has over a decade experience in the diffusion of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) to developing countries. He has also participated in and led various workshops and seminars in RET, especially on solar PV.

He is a board member of the Centre for Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CREEI), Ghana.


  • ISAN3080 Sustainable Project Marketing
  • ISAN3050 Service Design
  • ISAN2050 Sustainable Smart Cities
  • ISAN2040 Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship
  • ISAN3996/TUTA 3986 MSc Thesis
  • TECH3010 Research Methods (Qualitative)
  • TECH3030 Research Process

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