Harri Luomala

Professori, liiketaloustiede, erityisesti kuluttajakäyttäytymi

Markkinoinnin ja viestinnän yksikkö, Markkinointi
029 449 8461
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Ankkuri 1. krs


CV (without publications)


I am a Research Professor spesializing in food consumption at the Department of Marketing. I finished my doctoral dissertation in 1998 and have worked in this position since 2002. I am mainly based in Seinäjoki as a significant share of funding for this professorship originates from the Ostro-Bothnian organizations and companies.


I supervise Master and PhD Thesis students. I also give visiting lectures on Food Consumption and Marketing at the Applied University of Seinäjoki.


I belong to the Consumer Research and Customer Value Creation-group. In my research, I focus on the inter-relationships between values, emotions, motives and taste perceptions in food consumption and on consumer-oriented food product development. I publish in several academic journals, serve as ad hoc referee and am a member of European Marketing Academy and Association for Consumer Research. I also colloborate closely with food development organizations and companies.

My most important on-going research projects are:

Mainstreaming green economy - legitimation of organic production and consumption, 2012-2016 (Academy of Finland)

Path to the Future World of Food, 2016-2107 (Tekes)

Co-creative snacks: Gamification as a tool in product development, 2015-2017 (Tekes)

My most recent publications include:

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Puska, P., Kurki, S., Lähdesmäki, M., Siltaoja, M., & Luomala, H. (2016). Male-male status signaling through favoring organic foods: Is the signaler perceived and treated as a friend or foe? Psychology & Marketing 33(10), 843-855.

Puska, P., & Luomala, H. (2016). Capturing qualitatively different healthfulness images of food products. Marketing Intelligence & Planning 34(5), 605-622.

Luomala, H., Jokitalo, M., Karhu, H., Hietaranta-Luoma, H.-L., Hopia, A., & Hietamäki, S. (2015). Perceived health and taste ambivalence in food consumption. Journal of Consumer Marketing 32(4), 290-301.

Luomala, H.T., Kumar, R., Singh, J.D., & Jaakkola, M. (2015). When an intercultural business negotiation fails: Comparing the emotions and behavioral tendencies of individualistic and collectivistic negotiators. Group Decisions and Negotiation 24(3), 537-561.

Kontukoski, M., Luomala, H., Mesz, B., Sigman, M., Trevisan, M., Rotola-Pukkila, M., & Hopia, A. 82015). Sweet and sour: music and taste associations. Nutrition & Food Science 45(3), 357-376.

Hietaranta-Luoma, H.-L., Luomala, H.T., Puolijoki, H., & Hopia, A. (2015). Using ApoE genotyping to promote healthy lifestyles in Finland - Psychological impacts: Randomized controlled trial. Journal of Genetic Counseling 24(6), 908-921.