Hannu Piekkola

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Valtiotieteen tohtori (taloustiede)
Laskentatoimen ja rahoituksen yksikkö, Taloustiede
029 449 8426
Yliopistonranta 10, 65200 Vaasa
Fabriikki F328



Doctor of social sciences (economics) Hannu Piekkola has worked as professor in economics at University of Vaasa since 2007. He has been president of the Joint Committee of Finnish Economic Associations and Member of SATA committee on social protection set by Prime Minister's Office 2007-2009. He is currently member of Vaasa University Foundation and vice chairman of University Collegium.


I teach on macroeconomics, macroprudential policy, public economics and Finnish Economy and European Integration. Teaching is based on empirical research on Finnish Economy using linked employer-employee data. In my teaching I emphasize the importance of innovations and also the important role of public sector to support the business environment. I am also engaged in teaching on Energy Economics.


I am the Head of the Economic Research Group. I was coordinator of large scale EU Horizon 2020 project GLOBALINTO www.globalinto.eu and EU 7th framework project INNODRIVE 2008-2011 that analyzed European growth and built micro and macro-level estimates of intangibles in EU27 area. Other EU projects include AGIR, AHEAD, AIM EU 6th and 5th framework projects in Enepri network (www.enepri.org) and ActivAge project.

My research relates to innovations, R&D, intangibles, competitiveness and labour market. I was editor of Collective Bargaining and Labour Markets - Performance and Challenges published in Springer Verlag 2005, special issue on intangible capital and growth of Journal of Intellectual Capital 2020 and special issue on on New Spectrum of Intangible Assets of Science and Public Policy 2024, forthcoming.

My current research interests focus on AI and entrepreneurship with continuing interest on intangibles in general, environmental investments at company level and European competitiveness.

See all my publications in Researchgate.

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