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Englanninkielinen Strategic Business Development -maisteriohjelma

Suunnitteletko menestyksellistä liiketoimintaa? Onko sinulla aito kiinnostus liiketoimintaan, kehittämiseen ja strategiaan? Onko sinulla kandidaatin tutkinto johtamisesta ja organisaatioista, kansainvälisestä liiketoiminnasta, markkinoinnista tai onko sinulla suoritettuna vähintään 35 opintopistettä kauppatieteiden opintoja?

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Strategic Business Development -maisteriohjelma on askel kohti liiketoimintaa. Ohjelma tarjoaa sinulle syvällistä strategisten prosessien osaamista, jota voidaan soveltaa palveluyrityksissä, teollisuudessa, konsultoinnissa ja tutkimuslaitoksissa.

Strategic Business Development -maisteriohjelma keskittyy liiketoiminnan kehittämisprosessien kolmelle avainalueelle: uusien liiketoimintamahdollisuuksien tunnistaminen, liiketoiminnan suunnittelu ja strategian toteuttaminen.

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EFMD accredited
The EFMD programme accreditation is the most thorough programme accreditation system for business and/or management degrees and courses, including face-to-face, blended and online provisions. It constitutes a benchmark for what is considered an internationally recognised and peer-reviewed programme. The EFMD programme accreditation covers all facets of programme provision: from its institutional, national and international environment, through its design, delivery, outcomes and impacts, to its quality assurance processes. EFMD Accreditation emphasises academic rigour, practical relevance, internationalisation, and ethics and sustainability.
The Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development is ranked 47th of the top 200 in the Eduniversal Masters Ranking 2016 in the area of General Management.


Graduates of the programme are equipped to operate at middle and upper management-level positions in many businesses such as large multinational corporations, consulting, manufacturing firms, service businesses, and small entrepreneurial firms (e.g., in platform companies). Some examples of the career prospects that this programme offers are e.g., business developer, consultant, project manager, sales and key account manager, business analyst, business controller, and entrepreneur. 

By the end of the programme you will:
•    understand the role of strategic management as a part of managerial work
•    be capable of using strategic analysis and decision-making tools and frameworks
•    possess an ability to develop business models and strategies to develop existing businesses and to sense and seize new market opportunities
•    gain know-how to implement strategies effectively in a complex and changing business environment
•    become competent expert in project management, change management, organizational systems and process development, and network management 
•    understand roles of digitalization, sustainability and ethics in business development 
•    become comfortable in working in international environments
•    be able to work efficiently as a member of a team
•    be able to express yourself fluently in writing and in giving presentations   

The programme has well-established quality control procedures. The data obtained via independent survey conducted by The Finnish Business School Graduates indicate that ca. 90% of the recent graduates believe the delivery of the programme is well in-line with its objectives and that the gained competencies met their expectations. Moreover, the Strategic Business Development programme is awarded with EFMD Programme Accreditation. EFMD Accreditation is an international acknowledgment that approves the programme being among the top-quality business or management programme’s in the world.

For more detailed testimonials, please see ‘Student and Alumni Experiences’ below.

The intensive 2 year programme consists of 120 ECTS and leads to a degree of Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. Master’s degree students are expected to complete courses worth approximately 30 ECTS credits each semester, as an active fulltime student. The programme cannot be completed as distance learning.

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Students in the Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development can apply for a Double Degree programme and spend the second year of their studies at our partner institution and gain complementary degrees from two countries. A double degree programme is also a great opportunity to gain valued international experience. Our double-degree agreements are elaborated below.  

The double-degree agreement with the University of Pavia (Italy) includes two tracks to choose from: (1) Digital Management (e.g. courses on Big Data Analytics, Information Systems for Managers, and Coding and Database Management), and (2) Sustainability (e.g. courses on Performance Management of ESG Practices, Sustainability Reporting, Governance, and Ethics, and Digital Sustainability)

The double-degree agreement with the Umeå School of Business (Sweden) focuses on Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Internationalization and includes courses on e.g. Entrepreneurship and Business Growth, Managing networks and internationalization, and Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship.

The quotas for these double-degrees varies between 3-5 students per year. Interested and want to apply? Please contact Anne Ahlqvist

Application instructions and admission criteria

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