Looking for an expert? Need an educated opinion? A student's perspective?

We are happy to help media representatives. Give us a call, and we will find you the right experts, organise meetings, offer photos and tell more about what is happening at the University of Vaasa.

Please be in contact - we are happy to help!

Media contacts:

  • news and information: Tiina Rantakoski
  • tel. +358 29 449 8412  /  tiina.rantakoski(a)univaasa.fi
  • research and researchers: Riikka Kalmi
    tel. +358 29 449 8231  /  riikka.kalmi(a)univaasa.fi
  • photos and logos: Maria Hällund
    tel. +358 29 449 8470  /  maria.hallund(a)univaasa.fi

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