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Business-oriented and multidisciplinary science university

Our strategic focus areas are management and change, energy and sustainable development as well as financial and economical decision-making. The university has about 5,000 students, and about 300 of them are international degree students.

JUFO publications 2022 at the University of Vaasa

During 2022, the scientific publishing activities of the University of Vaasa have developed in the direction defined in the strategy, i.e. the importance of high-quality publications that have received the Publication Forum classification (JUFO) is emphasised, and the trend of publishing in JUFO 2 and 3 category journals and publishers continues. There were 184 publications in the JUFO 2 category and 85 in JUFO 3 category. The total number of publications (687 publications in 2022) is still in a good growth direction.

Students and degrees at the University of Vaasa 2022

578 Master's degrees, 420 Bachelor's degrees and 25 doctoral degrees were completed at the University of Vaasa in 2022. The number of basic degree students was 5090. The number of foreign degree students was 235, which is 4.6% of basic degree students. The number of doctoral students was 293.

Personnel at the University of Vaasa 2022

The number of personnel at the University of Vaasa has grown steadily over the past few years. At the end of 2022, the number of personnel was 611. 133 of them were international personnel. The share of employed international personnel in the teaching and research staff was 31%. The international staff consisted of 45 different nationalities.

External research funding at the University of Vaasa 2022

In 2022, 5 077 392 euros of competitive research funding was used. The increase from 2021 is 29%. 

Amount of applicants 2022

5,928 applicants applied for Bachelor's programmes in the spring joint application. There were 122 applicants through the Open University application. The number of applicants continued to grow in both Finnish and English Master's programmes. There were 1,591 applicants for the Master's programmes in Finnish and 2,018 applicants for the Master's programmes in English.

The annual report for 2022

Responsible investments

The investment activities of the University of Vaasa comply with the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. As a responsible investor, we comply with current legislation, legally binding regulations and good governance.

Taking into account the principles for responsible investment, our goal is to both increase our revenue potential and decrease our revenue risk. Our goal is to select asset managers whose investment activities take into consideration the principles for responsible investment.

Responsibility is a key consideration when making new investment decisions and asset management contracts. We promote responsible investment also in our research and our education in business studies.

The University of Vaasa is a member of Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum (FINSIF).

More information: Professor Sami Vähämaa, School of Accounting and Finance, tel. +358 29 449 8455