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The University of Vaasa offers degree programmes at all academic levels, from bachelor's to doctoral degrees. You can study business, technology, public administration, and communication studies with us. Although all our bachelor's programmes are in Finnish, we offer several master's programmes taught completely in English. Every year, we also welcome exchange students from all around the world.

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Why choose the University of Vaasa?

Valued by employers

Our connections to companies are close and our diverse studies are designed to meet the needs of modern working life and society. Our graduates enjoy excellent employment opportunities, and employers hold degrees earned from the University of Vaasa in high regard. We offer all students basic courses in business competence which is a competitive advantage in whichever field you specialise.

Hello world!

We offer our foreign students a university with international ambiance. You can study in English, travel abroad as an exchange student, and apply for summer internships at international companies. Every year, we welcome hundreds of exchange and degree students from all around the world.

High-quality education

We are ranked 18th in the world for Business Administration (Shanghai Ranking) and among the top 500 in the THE World University Rankings 2024. In our accredited programmes in business and technology, you can expect knowledgeable, high-quality teaching and guidance.

To us, you are an individual

The well-being of our students is close to our hearts. We invest in diverse student sports activities. Our study psychologists support in matters related to motivation, time management, and well-being. An assigned study counsellor accompanies you throughout your studies. You can reach out to them with any questions related to studying.

No one is left behind

Our university is a close-knit community that supports you throughout your studies. You have access to teachers and professors without long queues, receiving personalised guidance. The friendships you make will form a support network for your future career, possibly leading to lifelong friendships. Make this time unforgettable and join in the activities organised by the student union and other organisations.

The happiest country in the world

Study by the sea, a short walk away from the city centre. Vaasa is home to the leading energy industry business hub in Finland, an abundance of workplaces, six universities, and locals who surveys confirm are happy and energetic.

Career Monitoring Survey 2022 Five years after graduating with a master's degree from us

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