About this site

These terms of use apply to the uwasa.fi website maintained by the University of Vaasa and to the material presented on the website. By using the website, you accept that the following terms and conditions apply to you.

Terms of Use

1. Purpose of the website

The objective of this website is to inform society about the operation of the University of Vaasa and the current events related to the university, as well as serve prospective and current students, partners, alumni, media representatives and the general public interested in our current research.

The website contains, for example, news, articles and blog posts related to the activities of the University of Vaasa. The website has language versions in Finnish, English and Swedish, of which the Finnish version is the most comprehensive.

The website is being rebuilt in stages and developed according to user feedback and experience. Feedback and proposals concerning changes to the website can be sent by email to www-tuki@uwasa.fi.

2. Right of use

As a user of this website, you may share the content found on these pages with external online communities and services in accordance with these terms of use and applicable terms and conditions. When using comment tools of other social networks, their terms of use shall apply. Should the user share content outside this website, the University of Vaasa will not be responsible for the processing of information subject to third-party terms of use.

As a user, you may copy, distribute and edit content found on the website in accordance with these terms of use on the condition that the content producer and source are cited. However, the use of photographs found on this website is prohibited. You are expressly prohibited from selling the content or any part of this site. The use of the content of the site or any part of it in a manner that diminishes its value or purpose is prohibited.

3. Copyright

The University of Vaasa holds ownership of the material and content found on the uwasa.fi website, with the exception of material produced by third parties, for which the University of Vaasa only holds a right of use. The copyrights and other rights to these types of texts, images and other third-party materials found on this website belong to the producers or registration holders of the materials in question.

The University of Vaasa reserves all rights to the intellectual property of this website. Use of these rights shall always require advance written consent from the University of Vaasa.

4. Responsibility for content

The vice-director of marketing and communications of the University of Vaasa is the editor-in-chief of this website. It should be noted, however, that the units of the University of Vaasa produce the contents of their web pages and publications themselves. If no other information is provided on the page of the unit, the head of the unit is responsible for the contents of the pages. See Organisation and management for the contact information of units.

The University of Vaasa website also contains pages created by students, staff and associations formed by them. The content of such pages is the responsibility of the person who is designated as the administrator of the pages. The administrator in question must have the right to use the university network.

Individual websites or services of the University of Vaasa may be subject to limiting conditions that are defined on the page or service in question.

5. Disclaimer

The website of the University of Vaasa is presented without any commitment and “as-is”. The University of Vaasa does not guarantee the correctness or reliability of any information presented on or gained from the website. The University of Vaasa does not guarantee an uninterrupted or correct operation of the website. The University of Vaasa is not responsible for the availability of the website. The University of Vaasa reserves the right to make changes to the website.

Under no circumstances shall the University of Vaasa be held liable for any consequential, indirect or incidental damages or damages that may arise from the use of or reliance on the information and material presented on the website. The University of Vaasa shall also not be held liable for any damages caused by an interruption of website use or an inability to access the pages. The University of Vaasa reserves the right to terminate the web service entirely as it sees fit.

The uwasa.fi website contains web communities maintained by the University of Vaasa itself as well as links to websites owned or maintained by third parties. By accessing these linked websites, the user agrees that the pages are not under the control of the University of Vaasa and that the University of Vaasa cannot influence the content of the material created or published on them. The linked pages may also be subject to terms that restrict their use, which must be read before using the website. The University of Vaasa is in no way responsible for the material on third-party websites.

6. Data protection

The data protection statement of uwasa.fi is available at uwasa.fi/en/data-protection.

7. Changes to the terms of use

These terms of use shall enter into force on 24 May 2018 and remain in effect until further notice. The University of Vaasa reserves the right to unilaterally modify or replace these terms of use. The current terms of use are available on the uwasa.fi website and they come into effect once published. The date of the last modification is displayed as a part of these terms of use.

8. Applicable law

With the exception of any conflicts of law in international intellectual property, Finnish law shall apply to any disputes arising from these terms of use as well as the content or use of the uwasa.fi website.

These terms were last edited on 31 January 2022.