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Aiming for a doctoral degree? We are now accepting applications to our doctoral programme!

Become a doctor

The doctoral degree offers strong capabilities for working life, either for an academic career or for demanding expert tasks outside the university. A doctoral graduate of the University of Vaasa is an expert who produces in-depth scientific information for the use of the academic community and the surrounding society.

University of Vaasa doctoral programme

The University of Vaasa produces Doctors of Science in Business Administration and Economics (D.Sc. (Econ)), Doctors of Science in Technology (D.Sc. (Tech)), Doctors of Science in Administrative Sciences (D.Sc. (Admin)) and Doctors of Science in Philosophy (PhD). You can apply twice a year, in February and in August/September using the Studyinfo service.

From our doctoral students: Blogs and Stories

Doctoral alumni: Assistant professor Klaus Grobys

"It was as Grobys’ friend who suggested the University of Vaasa and doctoral studies. Before studying in the university, Grobys worked as an analyst in the financial industry and was familiar with heavy work load." Read more


Doctoral alumni: Specializing in digital innovation management

Originally from Pakistan, Khuram Shahzad first completed a master's degree and subsequently a Doctor of Science (Econ & Bus. Adm.) degree in the field of Industrial Management at the University of Vaasa. He was recently appointed Assistant Professor in Industrial Management (Tenure track). Dr Shahzad specializes in next generation digital innovation management. Read more.


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