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Phenomenon-based and impactful Research

We conduct impactful research of a high international standard in business studies, administrative sciences, technology and communications.
Our open, multidisciplinary and phenomenon-based research platforms work in broad collaboration with business and public sector. Through our research, we promote sustainable development and help solve the global challenges of the future.

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The University of Vaasa has four schools for research and teaching: the School of Management, the School of Accounting and Finance, the School of Marketing and Communication, and the School of Technology and Innovations.

Our research groups conduct high-quality research and bring together expertise and resources from across the university. They participate actively in both national and international collaborative networks.

The three phenomenon-based research platforms open up our doors to the surrounding society: Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC), Digital Economy and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab.

Open and ethical science

The University is fully committed to following the principles of open science. We conduct ethically sustainable and responsible research. The University of Vaasa has joined CoARA (Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment). CoARA is a European coalition for advancing research assessment. It has also signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), which states the commitment to a responsible and fair assessment of researchers and research.

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Scientific research helps to address the complex challenges facing our society. Research findings also give rise to new theoretical frameworks, new scientific thinking and even completely new fields of science.

University of Vaasa seeks motivated, talented doctoral students who are inspired to do research. The application time for the doctoral programmes is twice a year.

Read more about applying for the University of Vaasa doctoral programme. Application forms can be found in the Studyinfo service.

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Researcher or teacher, would you like to join our close-knit and inspiring community and work with international research and development projects?

Our teaching and research positions are divided into four career stages. Some positions are available as tenure-track positions which through an assessment procedure enable advancement to the position of a professor. Read more: Working at the university

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