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The research, development and cooperation projects of the University of Vaasa that have received external funding. You can search for projects by name or by different actors such as university research groups and research platforms.

Project Duration Actors
Pandemiakriisin opetukset (Lessons from the Covid-19 crisis) - Public policy and governance, Management
Spontaneous Volunteering in National Defense (SPOVA) - Public policy and governance
Developing digital skills for work coordination in remote work (DigiPaikka) - Management, Human resource management
STOPP - Marketing and Communication, Marketing and Consumption Research
HAVU - Hyvinvointia ja elämyksiä yksityismetsistä uusien teknologioiden avulla - Digital Economy, InnoLab, Technology and Innovations
Strengthening Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Education and SME Management (DEI4SME) - Strategic business development, Human resource management, Management, InnoLab
DigiBiogasHubs – Flexible and scalable biogas business through digitally connected biogas Hubs - VEBIC, Management, Strategic business development
NatureMind – Mental health and well-being from nature - InnoLab
Resilience of complex legal systems in sustainability transformation (RELIEF) - Public policy and governance, Complexity research
Boosting Space Business – the Aurora Region Space Economy Ecosystem - Digital Economy, International business and marketing, Marketing and Communication