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The research, development and cooperation projects of the University of Vaasa that have received external funding. You can search for projects by name or by different actors such as university research groups and research platforms.

Project Duration Actors
DAZE - Data Analytics for Zero Emission Marine - VEBIC, Digital Economy, Technology and Innovations, Renewable energy
ORBIT - Ostrobothnian Regional space Business and InnovaTion - Digital Economy, Management, Technology and Innovations, University services
Energy and transport poverty in Finnish rural areas (MaaElli) - InnoLab
NextGen - SC-Research, Technology and Innovations, VEBIC
Nature as part of the youth hyte services (LuontoHYTE ) - InnoLab
Green Battery - VEBIC
AENEAS - innovAtive ENErgy storage systems onboArd vesselS - VEBIC, Technology and Innovations
Hydrogen economy in the food system - VEBIC, Management
From survival to renewal: Leading learning and innovation in crisis (UUDIS) - Human resource management, Management
NATUREACH – Nature Reachable for all - InnoLab, Digital Economy, Administrative Sciences, Marketing and Communication