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Find all information you need on our student intranet Jolla

Are you a new degree or exchange student?

If you do not have a student account yet, visit our new students information pages. Here you will find out what it's like to study at our university and helpful tips. If you intend to include previous studies or competence in your degree, have a look at the process for recognition of prior learning and other competence

Are you a visiting student?

You can enroll to our Open University courses or maybe you would like to supplement your degree with alumni studies. Maybe you are a student from another institution coming for an EXAM visit at our campus? Our high-quality Sports Services are also available to students of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

Are you aiming to finish your studies after a break?

Welcome back! Get in touch with your study counsellor to get started. Below you find some information you may need if you do not have an active student account and access to student intranet Jolla.