Safety Information for Students

Students’ safety is a priority at the University of Vaasa.

Get to know the rescue plan

To ensure safety on campus, we have general safety instructions and a rescue plan. Do get to know their contents.

Recording camera surveillance is in use on the university premises. Recordings can be handed over to the police for the investigation of possible criminal cases.

Fire alarm and ladder on the brick wall of a building

Give us safety-related feedback

You can tell us about any safety-related findings in the feedback system of our properties.

  1. Select the building that the concern is about.
  2. In the category (luokittelu), select Turvallisuushavainto (kiinteistö ja ulkoalueet).
  3. Remember to fill in your contact information.

The safety manager of the university reviews all safety-related feedback and takes action as necessary.

The contingency group of the university

In case of a crisis, there is a contingency group of university staff. A crisis may be, for example, exceptional circumstances or a disturbance that concerns the university community.

Anybody can contact the contingency group. After contact is made, the contingency group convenes and decides on further action. See also University of Vaasa Action in Crisis Situations.

In case of an incident and need to communicate, please notify the safety manager (+358 294 498 570). You can find the current telephone numbers and email addresses of the university on the university website under About us > Contact information and invoicing.