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Computing Sciences

Master’s Programme in Computing Sciences

Whether you're excited about the latest technology, understanding sustainable and self-sufficient systems, figuring out information systems, or improving your skills in technical communication, we have the ideal educational path for you. No matter your choice, you'll embark on a journey of academic excellence and practical knowledge that will prepare you for a rewarding and successful career.

Automation and information technology bring intelligence to energy system devices and systems, enabling them to operate economically, reliably, and as independently as possible. Through telecommunications, devices communicate with each other. Telecommunications also enable remote management of systems. Themes in this Finnish major include software and telecommunications technology, application-specific digital computing circuits, computer modelling, and artificial intelligence methods.

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Smart systems developers

Are you curious about sustainable living and autonomous systems? Do you want to learn how to build robotized solutions to various industries, such as production, energy, transportation and logistics? Do you wish to broaden your expertise in real-time embedded systems, wireless communication, computer vision and other environmental sensing, locational awareness, and sustainable development related to energy harvesting, smart cities and communities, concepts of AI and machine learning, as well as cyber security of systems?

Together, the University of Vaasa and the University of Oulu offer studies with a different kind of perspective into ICT by combining the expertise of the two universities in sustainable energy systems and in smart and autonomous systems.

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Expertise in information processing and business administration

A professional in the field of information systems uses digitalisation to serve business objectives. The importance of business knowledge has grown alongside expertise in digitalisation. Studies in information systems science, combined with studies in business administration, provide good capabilities to act as a business developer in various industries. These studies are available in Finnish.

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Admissions criteria and instructions for how to apply

Want to learn more? Read our detailed guide on how to apply. Ready to apply? Go to the Studyinfo portal to submit your application.

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