Kaksi ihmistä portaikossa

Internationally impactful research university

Sustainable business, energy and society

At the University of Vaasa, we study and research fields that hold the key to solving the challenges of the world of today and tomorrow. We focus on sustainable business, energy, and society. Our students have the skills and attitude to do things differently and make an impact on our common future. Our people-oriented university creates an inspiring environment for impactful research.

Our modern, beautiful seaside campus is working towards carbon net neutrality and enables close cooperation in our educational and research activities. Given our location at the heart of Northern Europe's largest energy and environment cluster, it is especially our responsibility to spearhead the promotion of sustainability.

The most beautiful campus in Finland

Our beautiful maritime campus is located in Palosaari, a short walk away from the Vaasa city centre. We study and work in a unique environment. The same area houses the historic, old red-bricked cotton factory and fresh, bright new buildings.

We are addressing changing educational needs with a comprehensive renewal of our learning environment. This includes the renewal of the entire physical campus, along with the digital infrastructure and communal spaces, all of which are carried out following the principles of sustainable development. An open and thriving campus is an integral part of the city’s development and the region’s innovation ecosystem.

The most beautiful campus in Finland
An international community

We are an international community

We have invested heavily in international recruitment, and 30% of our teaching and research staff comes from outside of Finland. We encourage our personnel to study and work abroad. We are active in leading research and educational networks and partnerships, both nationally and internationally. We also encourage our students to do exchange studies and summer internships abroad. We work with more than 200 universities in over 40 countries. We also work responsibly towards the integration of international experts into Finnish society.

The Vaasa area is very international; it's the second most international city after the capital Helsinki. The residents represent more than 100 different nationalities and are actively involved in the business life of the region or are preparing for the future in the region's universities.