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Alumni studies

Supplement your degree with free studies

Alumni studies

Would you like to supplement your degree? If you graduated with a master’s degree on or after 1 August 2019 you can apply for alumni study right. Alumni studies are free of charge during the academic year following graduation. To be eligible you need to register as an University of Vaasa alumni. You can supplement your degree with open university studies or normal degree courses.

Supplement your skills with open university studies 

The Open University offers economics, administrative sciences, engineering and communication sciences, as well as language and method studies to anyone interested.

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Studies included in normal degree teaching

With the right to alumni studies, you can also apply to study for degree students' courses, if they are not organized at an open university.

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How to apply for alumni studies

A graduate of the University of Vaasa can apply for a separate study right as an alumni student. Those who have completed a master's degree at the University of Vaasa on or after 1 August 2019 are eligible for this right.

Alumni study rights are granted from 1.1.2020. To be granted alumni study right you need to register as an University of Vaasa alumni. Alumni studies are free of charge for the academic year following graduation (e.g. graduation in October 2019, free entitlement until July 2021, graduation in February 2020, free entitlement until July 2021.) Thereafter, studies are subject to a charge, in which case the tuition fee is 15 euros / credit. Alumni students do not belong to the student union and do not have the student benefits of a degree student.

The right to study can be granted for individual study courses or for larger study units for studies offered by academic units or for studies offered by the Open University of Vaasa in Vaasa. The right to study does not apply to courses offered by Vaasa Summer University or partner universities of the Open University. If the studies are offered both in the academic unit and in the open university, the studies must be completed through the open university.

The right to study can be granted for a total of up to 30 credits. To be eligible to study for a particular course, the previous studies required by the course must have been completed. Note! Degree programs can limit the number of alumni students, and the university’s own degree students are prioritised.

You can apply any time during the academic year (continuous application). The right to study is applied electronically with the same form for both academic units and open university studies

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