The Mikä neuvoksi project

Now what (’Mikä neuvoksi’) is a student well-being project run jointly by the University of Vaasa and the Student Union of the University of Vaasa.

The projects goal is to develop student guidance and well-being services.

The first phase of the project ran in 2021 and was focused on supporting online learning and online student guidance, as well as on creating and maintaining a sense of community. The project has been extended and will continue to develop comprehensive student guidance and the work to enhance students’ sense of community and help students become members of the university community. The project also aims to strengthen the interaction and cooperation between students, student societies and the university and other stakeholders.  

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has awarded a special grant for the project extension for the fixed term of 1 January 2022 to 31 July 2024.

Student guidance

One of the aims of the project is strengthening the study counselling and guidance services overall by developing approaches and services that help students progress in their studies. As part of the project, we have, for example, piloted using the Annie chatbot to identify student support needs.

During the project we will increase awareness of the guidance and well-being services by, for example, communicating about the services more effectively and organising various events. To support students’ study skills and general ability to study, we will strengthen the co-operation between the different providers of student guidance. We will increase the availability of the study psychologist’s services by organising workshops, lectures and events that help support a sense of community.

For more information about the services of the study counsellors and the study psychologist, see the Students webpages, under Study Counsellors and Study Psychologist. You can also check out the Study Skills (Opiskelutaidot) course (in Finnish) and the study psychologist’s Tune Up Your Studies blog and podcast, available on Spotify and Soundcloud (both are in Finnish).

Network of student support

The project will create a network of comprehensive student guidance and well-being services, which will include both university-internal service providers (e.g. study counsellors, the study psychologist, career services, teachers) and external stakeholders (e.g. FSHS, the university chaplain).

The aim is to ensure that there exists a comprehensive network of guidance and well-being services that meets the needs of different types of students and where the service providers genuinely work together and are aware of the other members of the network and the services they provide. In addition to university-internal service providers, the student well-being and guidance services will be supplemented by services and guidance from external providers.

The Mikä neuvoksi project will also create clear procedures and practices for interaction and cooperation between students, student societies and the university. The aim is to also enhance how information about the services is communicated and to work together to reach the intended audience through the most relevant and useful means.

Enhancing the sense of community

The project aims to encourage students to come on campus and create a sense of the campus as a dynamic place by organising various events and activities. This will also enhance the sense of community and create opportunities for students to meet and get to know each other.

You can apply for funding from the Mikä neuvoksi project for organising multidisciplinary, non-profit events that are aimed at enhancing student well-being. No alcohol may be served at the events. We accept applications for funding from organisations operating on campus, other parties or individual students.

To apply for event funding, go to the Mikä neuvoksi event funding application form.

Further information about event funding

Ella Fredriksson
Now what project intern
+ 358 29 449 8376

Activities for students

Upcoming activities


Well-being and guidance services Pop up events

Well-being and guidance services Pop up- events are organized once a month every Wednesday 11.30-12.30 in either Mathilda's or Erkki's lobby. In the events present are Mikä neuvoksi -project actives, University of Vaasa's Well-being and guidance services staff as well as other actives in relation to the event themes. Please make sure to follow up to date information from the students weekly bulletin!

  • Managing with your studies - pop up Wed 28.2.2024
    Meet us in the August lobby at 11.30-12.30! Come and discuss ways to cope with your studies. Now what -project, university priest, FSHS, Mielle ry and Mieli Pohjanmaa will be present.

Student organisations activities

  • Spring Fling 25.2.2024
    Estiem LG Vaasa, ESN Vaasa and Tutti ry joint event
  • HaSki skiing event 8.3.2024
    Hallinnoijat ry interdisciplinary skiing event in Simpsiö
  • Tutti ry Vaasa Kyykkä Championship 23.3.2024
    Tutti ry interdisciplinary event

Past activities 

  • New year, new me: what new things will you try this year? -pop up Wed 24.1.2024
    Let's meet at 11.30-12.30 in the August lobby! At present will be the What now project, Wasa Sport Club, and the sports' services.
  • Students' Christmas breakfast 13.12.2023
    at Café Oskar
  • Welfare and guidance services pop up in Seinäjoki 7.12.2023
  • What kind of ways do you have to alleviate student stress? -pop up 22.11.2023
    On site with a psychologist and sports services.
  • Students' breakfast 3.11.2023
    August's Lobby
  • The project will be presented at the Wellness Week mini-fair on 31.10. and 1.11.2023
    The Now what project will be present at the University's Wellness Week mini-fair on Tuesday 31 October and Wednesday 31 November from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the August lobby.
  • Have you found the wellbeing and guidance services you need? -pop up 5.10.2023
    On the spot with an educational psychologist, sports services and self-advocates. There were also FSHS nurses present, with whom you could come and discuss stress management and StressLess groups.
  • Students' mental health day 19.4.2023
    Student wellbeing networks organised campaign day coordinated by Nyyti ry. 2023 campaign theme is moderation.
  • Well-being and guidance services pop up 17.4.2023
    The theme was moderation. Pop up was organized due to the national students mental health day. 
  • Well-being and guidance services pop up 15.3.2023
    The theme was summer studies and spending the summer in Vaasa.
  • Well-being and guidance services pop up 8.2.2023
    The theme was summer jobs and interning.
  • Well-being and guidance services pop up 18.1.2023
    The theme was "Do you need advice to in starting the new semester?".
  • Well-being and guidance services pop up in the Mathilda's lobby on 4.11.2022
    Mikä neuvoksi -project organised well-being and guidance services pop up event on Friday 4.11.20220 from 11 am to 1 pm at Mathilda's lobby. The theme of the event is to how to face different fears.
  • Student breakfast 7.11.2022
    Mikä neuvoksi- project offered breakfast on Monday 7.11. in restaurant Erkki as part of the week of well-being scheduled activities.
  • Students movie night 8.11.2022  
    Mikä neuvoksi -project and the Student union organised in cooperation with the week of well-being schedule students movie night Tuesday 8.11. The movie aired is the 2017 released julkaistu Murder on the Orient Express. 
  • Project on display during the week of well-being on 8.11. and 9.11.2022 
    Mikä neuvoksi -project was presented during the university's week of well-being on Tuesday 8.11. and Wednesday 9.11. from 11 am to 2 pm in Mathilda's lobby.
  • Campus flea market 22.11.
    Mikä neuvoksi project hosted a campus flea market on Tuesday 22.11. between 2 and 6 pm in Mathilda's lobby. The event was directed to students and staff.
  • Well-being and guidance services pop up in the Mathilda's lobby on 7.12.

Student organisations activities

  • Hallinnoijat X Comedia Mäenlasku 13.2.2024
    Interdisciplinary event of Hallinnoijat ry and CoMedia ry
  • Giga Game Night 13.2.2024
    Giga ry interdisciplinary event
  • Hallinnoijat ry jewellery workshop 12.2.2024
    Hallinnoijat ry interdisciplinary event
  • Tutti ry traditional Kyykkä 3.2.2024
    Interdisciplinary event of Tutti ry
  • Hallarit sweat: Kyykkä 22.1.2024
    Interdisciplinary event of Hallinnoijat ry
  • Hallarit sweat: Glow bowling 13.11.2023
    Interdisciplinary event of Hallinnoijat ry
  • CoMedia card workshop 11.12.2023
    CoMedia interdisciplinary event
  • Tutti & Warrantti football game 28.11.2023
    Joint event of Tutti ry and Warrantti ry
  • Hallarit sweat: Yoga 27.11.2023
    Interdisciplinary event of Hallinnoijat ry
  • Hallarit sweat: Climbing School 6.11.2023
    Interdisciplinary event of Hallinnoijat ry
  • Hallarit sweat: Vujuedition Megazone 2.11.2023
    Interdisciplinary event of Hallinnoijat ry
  • CoMedia jewellery workshop Thu 30.10.2023
    Interdisciplinary event of the CoMedia ry
  • Tutti & Hallarit baseball game 26.9.2023
    Joint event of Tutti ry and Hallinnoijat ry
  • Vuju flea market 19.9.2023
    Student associations joint event
  • Summer day 1.7.2023
    Tutti ry's summer event
  • Donut bar 19.4.2023
    Tutti ry's and CoMedia ry's joint event
  • SYY-pancakes 20.3.2023
    SYY-Wasa ry's event
  • Poledancing trial  23.3. 2023
    CoMedia's interdisciplinary event
  • HaSki-sledding event 10.3.2023
    Hallinnoijat ry's event
  • Springjubilee-event 25.3.2023
    Estiem LG Vaasa's, ESN Vaasa's and Tutti's joint event
  • Badminton tournamanent 7.3.2023
    Warrantti ry's and Tutti ry's event
  • Intersisciplinary game night 27.2.2023
    SYY-Wasa's event
  • Pizzatasting 29.2.2023
    Warrantti ry's event
  • Paintball 22.11.2022
    Warrantti ry's LIIKKU -divisions event
  • Interdisciplinary game night 8.11.2022 
    Hallinnoijat ry's and  SYY-Vaasa's Interdisciplinary game night event was organized on 8.11.2022.
  • Comedia tries airyoga 10.11.2022 
    CoMedia student organization oganized  Comedia tries airyoga-event
  • Wellbeing Bead Jewellery Night 9.11.2022
    Warrantti Ry organized  Making jewelry  event
  • Puukkoo wall climbing trial 10.10.2022
  • Interdisciplinary soccer tournament 2022 8.10.
    Organised by VESO, KoWa, Puukkoo, Vamos
  • Korvapuustipäivä 4.10.2022
    Organized by SYY-Wasa ry
  • Veso paintball 3.10.2022
    Veso ry's event
  • Tutti vs. Hallinnoijat Baseball game 27.9.2022


Contact us

Project team contact details

Project contact person for the Student Union of the University of Vaasa

Elli Uusi-Kokko
Specialist in Student Interests, VYY
+358 44 324 8961

Contact person for study counsellors Elina Alho
Study Psychologist Ray Ohtonen
Study Psychologis trainee Eeva Mäkelä
Well-being and Sports Coordinator Seppo Evwaraye
Project coordinator Sannakaisa Holmlund

Elina Alho

Elina Alho

Specialist in Study Affairs
University Services, Study and Education Services
Tervahovi A330
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Ray Ohtonen

Ray Ohtonen

Study Psychologist
University Services, Study and Education Services
Open profile page
Seppo Evwaraye

Seppo Evwaraye

Well-being and Sports Coordinator
University Services, Study and Education Services
Fabriikki F414
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Sannakaisa Holmlund

Sannakaisa Holmlund

Specialist in Study Affairs
University Services, Study and Education Services
Fabriikki F420
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