School of Accounting and Finance

New information and knowledge to promote financial success

Through our activities, we aim to contribute to the economic success of individuals, companies and society as a whole. Our school is international and multicultural by heart and enjoyed by our staff and students.

Helinä Saarela
Helinä Saarela

The School of Accounting and Finance carries out research and education in its four subject areas: Finance, Accounting, Economics, and Business Law. Our goal is to provide scientific data that helps to make the financial decisions for the responsible future.


Our focus areas of research are Financial Markets, Risk Measurement and Management, Responsibility and Sustainability, Governance and Compliance, and Financial Analysis.


We educate professionals to expert and management positions in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Business Law and Economics. A large part of our teaching is in English, building a strong language foundation for our students in addition to their substantive knowledge of Business Studies.

We are one of the largest university education units in Business Studies in Finland.

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We are also involved in two doctoral programmes organised by Finnish universities in cooperation:

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