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Our research focus: Towards a sustainable future with data-driven financial and economic decisions


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Research groups

Our research is organised into four research groups: Auditing and Control in Accounting, Finance and Financial Accounting, Economics, Business Law and Information.

Research with an impact Research projects

Project Duration Actors
TOIVO – Toimivilla sopimuksilla sujuvaa ja vastuullista TKI-toimintaa - Business Law and information, Accounting and Finance, Digital Economy
Investigame - Economics, Smart electric systems, Accounting and Finance, Technology and Innovations
Digitalisaatio ja laskentatoimi (Digitalization and accounting) - Auditing and control in accounting, Digital Economy, Accounting and Finance
Strategic management, control and analytics in OP group in the digital era. Using AI in analyzing large qualitative empirical data - Auditing and control in accounting, Digital Economy, Accounting and Finance
Information Resilience in a Wicked Environment (IRWIN) - Auditing and control in accounting, Public policy and governance, Complexity research, Accounting and Finance, Management
Business Renewal using Digital Finance and Blockchain - InnoLab, Finance and financial accounting, Accounting and Finance
CEE4WES - Circular Economy Ecosystem for Waste-to-Energy Sector - VEBIC, Strategic business development, Economics, Management, Accounting and Finance, Smart electric systems
GLOBALINTO - Economics, Accounting and Finance