Information Resilience in a Wicked Environment (IRWIN)

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IRWIN is a three-year project (2021-2023), funded by the academy of Finland, where researchers from the University of Vaasa, the University of Eastern Finland, the Laurea University of Applied Sciences and the National Defence University seek to study Information Resilience in Complex Environments. We seek to develop a participatory model of national preparedness in which decision-makers, civil society and the business sector work together to promote crisis preparedness.

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Principal investigator: Annukka Jokipii, University of Vaasa
Research team - University of Vaasa: Petri Uusikylä, Harri Jalonen, Harri Raisio, Hanna-Kaisa Pernaa, Niklas Lundström ja Juha Lindell.

Project duration
External funding
1 991 953€
External funding for the University of Vaasa
649 090€
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Auditing and control in accounting
Public policy and governance
Complexity research
Accounting and Finance
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