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The School of Management focuses on complex questions from the perspective of public policy, organisational management and human resources. We offer insights based on research for experts and managers.

Adam Smale
Adam Smale

The School of Management carries out research and education in the fields of business studies and administrative sciences across its seven subject areas: human resource management, international business, strategic management, public law, public management, regional studies, and social and health management.

The school’s research seeks to address the societal, organisational and individual challenges brought about by change, innovation and digital transformation. It focuses on deepening our understanding of the role of organisational management, people leadership and public policy in coping with these drivers both sustainably and responsibly in order to support organisational effectiveness, employee well-being, and citizen welfare.

The school’s research community is organised around four research groups:

Research currently focuses on topics covering servitization, business networks, managerial work, global mobility, leadership and management ethics, wicked problems, deliberative democracy, citizen and customer participation, and regional development and innovation policy.


The school's teaching is based on high-quality research and pedagogical expertise which has been awarded nationally and accredited internationally. We educate enthusiastic candidates, masters and doctors for demanding expert and manager positions in the private, public and third sector.

We offer programmes in Finnish and English, full-day programmes in Vaasa and part-time programmes in Helsinki, Kokkola and Seinäjoki. We actively develop also our offering in executive education, open university and continuing education.

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