Development of the regional energy system in Ostrobothnia

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The project creates new knowledge to speed up the development of the regional energy system towards carbon neutrality concerning renewable energy.

The work is done from a technical, economic and community point of view, and it aims to provide answers to three project objectives.  

The first objective is to produce an understanding of the conditions and development needs of the region in order to develop a carbon-neutral energy system, and if focuses on a) the potential of the renewable energy, b) electricity grid and potential related to flexibility, and c) techno-economic calculations. 

The second objective is to produce an understanding of the attitude and perspectives of experts, decision makers and citizens towards renewable energy. 

The third objective is to identify and outline business models related to the various functions and actors of the regional energy system (e.g., prosumers and energy communities) and recognize possible bottlenecks and resource and skill gaps related to the implementation of potential business models.

The results include:

  • Report of the area's renewable energy potential
  • Results of the electricity grid analysis in order to maximize the utilization of renewable energy production
  • Summary of the results concerning the community workshops and interviews, and 2 blog posts
  • Report on the potential business models of a carbon-neutral energy system and the related resource and competence needs, considering also the legal boundary conditions.
  • Final report, containing the summaries of the key results of each work package as well as recommendations concerning for the development of a carbon-neutral regional energy system
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406 353€
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342 627€
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