DigiBiogasHubs – Flexible and scalable biogas business through digitally connected biogas Hubs

Co-funded by the European union
Developing a digital, collaboration-enabling online platform for biogas actors

The DigiBiogasHubs project aims to develop and pilot a system-level solution based on a digital platform and tools that promote the development and interaction of biogas hubs located in different regions and the development of the biogas market.

The project will be implemented in Ostrobothnia, South Ostrobothnia, and Central Ostrobothnia. The primary target groups of the project are raw material/biomass owners and producers operating in the area, biogas producers and distributors, current and potential biogas users, logistics operators, and suppliers of technical solutions.  The concrete results of the project are:  

  • Digital platform concept and piloting of the platform and selected platform services  
  • Cooperation and interaction model, platform service descriptions, and platform operational model   
  • Analytical descriptions of three biogas hubs with different profiles and synergy analysis between them   
  • Process model for developing biogas hubs and analysis methods toolkit.  
  • Analysis of legal framework conditions and policy review

The project results support and accelerate the development and growth of the biogas market and regional biogas ecosystems, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and waste, increase the amount of renewable energy in the energy system, and improve regional energy self-sufficiency and security of supply. In addition, the project creates new information for actors about biogas-related opportunities in the region.

Project duration
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659 652€
Total budget for the University of Vaasa
269 831€
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