Doctoral studies

The doctoral degree consists of dissertation research and postgraduate studies. Depending on the research field, the scope of studies is either 40 ECTS or 60 ECTS and they include general scientific studies, methodological studies and studies in the research field. A more detailed structure of the studies can be found in the study guide.

The studies of each doctoral student are planned at the very beginning of the studies together with the supervisor so that they support the research work to be done and the student's competence needs. The study plan needs to be updated regularly.

Courses offered at the Graduate School

The graduate school organizes general and introductory courses common to all doctoral students. Students can choose the courses best fitting for them together with their supervisors. The language of the courses is either Finnish or English. You will find all the course information and timetables for courses in the Study Guide.

Registration for Graduate School courses is done via Peppi. To use WebOodi you need university user account and password. New doctoral students registered as attending for the current academic year can activate user accout as instructed by IT-Service. In case of any problems contact  HelpDesk at  helpdesk(at) or 029 449 8051.

University of Vaasa is a member in many national as well as and international graduate schools and networks. These national graduate schools and networks also provide courses for doctoral students. Ask your supervisor for more information.

Registration for courses in the autumn opens up in usually at the end of August, and courses in spring term usually in the beginning of January.


Feedback for the Graduate School

Studies in the research field

The aim of the studies in the research field is to deepen the doctoral student's understanding of the field of the dissertation. In the studies, the doctoral students becomes acquainted with the scientific theory and theoretical tradition of his or her research field. They will  also become acquainted with the previous international and domestic research on the research field.

Studies in the research field can be doctoral coursesor other study attainments agreed with the supervisor. As a general rule, courses need to be at postgraduate level, unless otherwise stated in the curriculum. In addition to the University of Vaasa, courses can be completed also at otherFinnish or foreign universities, doctoral education networks and summer/winter schools.

Each doctoral student participates in a  research seminar, which is organized either by research groups or by research fields (majors). In addition to the student's  own research seminar, each doctoral student need to give presentation at least once at a national or international conference. Doctoral students need also become acquainted with dissertations in their own field of research and participate in dissertation events. See details in the Study Guide.

Studies in the research field may also includeliterature packages containing scientific books and articles from the student's research field. Students complete these, for example, in the form of traditional written exams, essays or research paper, or an oral examination. The studies may also include other study attainments agreed with the supervisor as indicated in the curriculum of the doctoral program. These can be, for example,conference attendance, journal article/conference paper not included in the dissertation, various scientific assignments, co-supervision of MSc theses. See more information in the Study Guide.

at campus

Doctoral education networks

Doctoral education networks offer universities a framework for educational collaboration. The networks organize joint seminars, courses, summer schools and events as well as promote networking and increase peer support among students. You will find information on studies, application periods and study contents from each networks homepage. Doctoral students shuld discuss the possibility of network studies with their supervisors.

The doctoral programmes of the University of Vaasa are networked with both domestically and internationally:


Additional doctoral courses

The doctoral studies can also be completed at other universities with the agreement of the supervisor. Studies need to be on the doctoral level and support the research work. Studies are also offered by domestic and international doctoral education networks and summer schools. Academic units also provide some support for travel and course costs for studies elsewhere.