Financing doctoral studies

The options for financing doctoral studies at the University of Vaasa are doctoral researcher positions and scholarships. Many graduate students also work in research projects of our research groups or get outside financing for their own doctoral thesis work. Please note that admission to doctoral studies does not automatically include financing.


Doctoral students are encouraged to apply for external funding from foundations.

The University of Vaasa Graduate School also distributes one-year dissertation grants in the spring, which are funded by the Nissi Foundation and the Vaasa University Foundation.

Also check out the Foundations and Funds pages, where you can get information related to e.g. social and pension security of the fellowship researcher.

For more information on funding opportunities, visit the Intranet and Research Services.

Doctoral researcher employee position

Academic units have doctoral student employee positions, which are fixed term of 2-4 years. These positions are applied at the same time the study right is applied. 

Academic units also grant scholarships for travelling and for the course fees especially for those doctoral students, that do not have an employee position.

Project researcher

A doctoral student can also work as a project researcher and do the doctoral thesis in the project.

See open positions for a project researcher.

Hire a doctoral researcher

New knowledge, research resources and cooperation

This is a new collaboration model between organizations and doctoral researchers!

This model promotes long-term development in organizations, which will enhance their competitiveness.

The know-how and established networks of doctoral researchers will serve to renew and develop the innovativeness of the organizations. This model is also one way to hire future doctorates for highly demanding expert tasks.

New Knowledge and Competitiveness

  • Research projects based on the specific needs of organizations, which will increase competitiveness and discover solutions for the future.
  • Relevant research themes and questions
  • Collaboration and funding models that engage and connect organizations and doctoral researchers.
  • The newest research knowledge

Research Knowledge for Your Organization

  • Unique laboratories and research environments
  • High-quality academic supervision
  • Close ties with the university and opportunities for future collaboration

Do You Want to Know More?

We would be happy to discuss this collaboration model with you, to determine how it could benefit your organization.

The Graduate School of The University of Vaasa

Part-time doctoral student

Some doctoral students succeed in completing their studies and dissertation research alongside their other work and working mostly in their own free time. This requires good planning and collaboration with the supervisors. Part-time doctoral students complete their degree in six-years.

Doctoral students are treated equally regardless of whether they are employed by the university or not, or whether they are full-time or part-time.