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Our new student intranet Jolla - all information you need as a student at the university

This website is a collection of useful information for students in bachelor's and master's degree programmes.

Here, you can also find students' news and events.

This page will be updated on 2.10.2023. All the information for students can be found on the student intranet Jolla.

Quick links for students

Studying at the University of Vaasa

Below, you will find information on studying at the university. These instructions will be helpful throughout your studies.


In addition to major studies, degree programmes include, among other things, language studies, business studies, internationalisation studies, and practical training (internship). You can also complete studies during the summer or after you have graduated.

Support and study guidance

The university supports students in planning and completing studies in many ways.

Towards graduation

As you start to work on your thesis and graduation is near, please refer to this checklist and links. From there, you will also find a list of graduation days. With our help, you can graduate with ease!

Well-being and safety

Well-being is a personal experience. The overall well-being of a student comprises health, coping with studies, economic situation, safety, and other support. The ability to study is central to a student’s well-being.

Services on campus

You can get to the Palosaari campus with local buses. On campus, you will find, for example, teaching and self-study facilities, IT services, library services, and student restaurants. For any service requests regarding the facilities, you can fill in an electronic form.