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Companies and organisations

Research cooperation

University of Vaasa cooperates with companies, communities and other universities as well as research institutions. The forms of research cooperation can be, for example, commonly funded research projects or research which has been commissioned. Research cooperation in the university is done in the academic schools, the research platforms, the research groups, the affiliated institutions as well as by individual researchers.

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Vebic polttoainelaboratorio

Internships, jobs or thesis subjects for our students?

We educate experts for the society of today and tomorrow. Our students are skilled, enthusiastic and ready to take on challenges. If you want to offer an internship or job to a student, or if your company has a good topic for a thesis, please advertise on JobTeaser. The service is free of charge.

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Academic foresight meets business performance

The role of universities in society is to lead science and innovation on a broad spectrum. Instead of looking at bringing single products to market, the core task of universities is to study opportunities in science and technology in their early stages of development. New and exciting things happen when free and independent thinking takes place without the time constraints and financial obligations of the business world.

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