A road with a clear target

Strategy and values

Focused on sustainable business, energy and society

Our students have the skills and attitude to do things differently and make an impact on our common future. Our people-oriented university creates an inspiring environment for impactful research.

The University of Vaasa is an international, business-oriented, multidisciplinary university focused on sustainable business, energy and society. Via our multidisciplinary schools and research platforms, we solve complex societal challenges by combining expertise in business, technology and governance.



The University of Vaasa is internationally recognized as a high-impact research university. Research in our focus areas contributes significantly to international scholarship, is increasingly multidisciplinary, and informs both policy and practice. The education we provide offers a transformative learner experience for future employment built on teaching excellence, high-quality learning environments, equality and inclusion. We make a positive societal impact on the economy, energy (transition) and governance.


The University of Vaasa creates and disseminates knowledge to advance sustainable business, energy, and society. Through innovative and high-quality research and education, we address global challenges that support the sustainable development of our learners, collaborators, ecosystems and society, both
regionally and globally.


Courage, Community, Responsibility

University of Vaasa strategy 2030



Our multidisciplinary research platforms combine our strong disciplinary knowledge with prevailing global trends. They are also an integral tool in the transformation and renewal of the university’s operations. We utilize them to advance multi-, cross- and inter-disciplinary research to help address the complex challenges facing our society. We carry out ethical research that is both sustainable and responsible. We are committed to the principles of open science.

The University of Vaasa is located at the heart of Northern Europe’s largest energy and environment business cluster. We consider advancing the renewal of the energy sector as a means to combat climate change as a core part of our mission.


Our internationally renowned education provides the students with the skills and attitude to change our future. The educational experience at the University of Vaasa emphasises the role of community and interaction. At its core, the education experience is built upon cutting-edge, research-based knowledge, the utilization of the latest advances in technology, as well as a focus on student-driven projects.

Modules within our programmes place emphasis on work life relevance, as well as on employment and re-employment in a rapidly changing society. We proactively offer support services to our students in the form of study guidance, well-being and personal development.

Sustainability and responsibility

Universities have a key role to play in combating and resolving climate change and other crises, in creating the necessary expertise and in fostering a secure and stable society.

An open, inclusive and international community

We are truly international and want to be recognised for our diversity and inclusivity. Our personnel are the key to our success. Our working culture and community are based on equality and non-discrimination.

We are active contributors both nationally and internationally to leading research and educational networks and partnerships. Members of our university community visit, develop and work in scientific communities and companies around the world during different phases of their careers. We also work responsibly towards the integration of international experts into Finnish society.

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