Ukrainan väreissä oleva sydän henkilön käsien välissä

War in Ukraine – University of Vaasa guidelines

On this page you will find information about the impact of the war on the University of Vaasa and the general guidelines and policies of the University. This page was last updated on 29.3.2022.

University of Vaasa expresses its support for Ukraine

The University of Vaasa condemns the Russian military actions and expresses its support for Ukraine and its university community. We will monitor both national and EU sanctions and adapt our policies accordingly. We have expressed our support to Ukraine through the Rector's Council UNIFI together with other Finnish universities.

We have opened a university email for any questions related to the war in Ukraine, which can be contacted in case of concerns: Please note that e-mails will be answered Mon-Fri between 8.00 and 16.00.

The Crisis Group, chaired by the Rector, is actively monitoring the situation, sanctions and repercussions, and will use this information to guide and coordinate the University of Vaasa's actions.

The University of Vaasa is an open, international and equal community that supports each other regardless of nationality. Now more than ever, the community spirit of our university is our key asset.
To show our support, we will light our outside walls in blue and yellow. We have donated 10 000 euros to the Finnish Red Cross Ukraine Disaster Relief Fund to help victims of the war in Ukraine.

Support for staff and students

The precarious situation is certainly on everyone's mind. The University of Vaasa wants to support its staff and students in a challenging situation. If you are worried or anxious, staff can contact the Occupational Health Service or Human Resources, while students can find information and support here.

Study opportunities to students in Ukrainian universities

In response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the University of Vaasa offers studies to students at Ukrainian universities. This separate right to study entitles the student to complete individual courses, not an entire degree. The call for applications is aimed at students who have arrived in Finland and have an existing, valid right to study at a Ukrainian university, and whose studies have been discontinued due to the war. These studies are free of charge.

More information on study opportunities

Cooperation in higher education and research with Russia and Belarus

The Ministry of Education and Culture recommends that Finnish higher education institutions refrain from all cooperation with Russian and Belarusian partner organisations in higher education and science. Following the policies, the University of Vaasa will not initiate new projects and suspends existing cooperation between organisations for the time being.

The measures of the higher education sector are directed at the Russian Federation that has attacked Ukraine. The policies focus on supporting Ukraine, not against Russian students and researchers. It is still possible to apply for entry to Finland as a student or researcher regardless of your citizenship.