University of Vaasa expresses support for Ukraine – Exterior wall of Levón-auditorium will be illuminated in the colours of Ukraine’s flag

Yliopisto tukee Ukrainaa
The University of Vaasa expresses support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian university students and staff. We join the Republic of Finland and Finnish universities UNIFI condemning Russia’s military action in Ukraine.

The university of Vaasa illuminates the exterior wall of Levón-auditorium in the colours of Ukraine’s flag – blue and yellow – to show support for Ukraine from 2nd March.

The  University of Vaasa is an international and multicultural community. We support our students and staff in the crisis.

Finnish universities have research and education co-operation as well as student exchange activities with Ukrainian universities. Finnish universities, together with Scholars at Risk (SAR) Finland, are investigating the possibilities for hosting Ukrainian students and researchers to the Finnish universities. Considering the students and staff from the Finnish universities, there are currently no students or staff in Ukraine according to UNIFI’s knowledge.

More information: Rector Jari Kuusisto, tel. +358 29 449 8291

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