Modules and minor subjects

Module and minor subject studies allow students to customize their individual study plans and degrees.

The Master's programmes contain a certain amount of compulsory courses which all the students must complete. In addition to the compulsory courses, students have the possibility to select optional courses supporting the core studies of the programme. In some programmes, it is also possible to include a minor subject or modules to the degree. 

The University of Vaasa offers eight multidisciplinary, phenomenon-driven modules (15 ECTS). Modules reinforce the inclusion of strategic priorities of the university, current phenomena and topical themes of university’s research platforms. ​Modules' multidisciplinary, phenomenon-driven and applied learning content will improve the students’ learning of the skills and capabilities needed in the future work-life. ​

Degree students of the University of Vaasa may complete some studies also outside the university. The studies can be completed in other universities in Finland or abroad, or in Open or Summer Universities. A student of the University of Vaasa may also seek to study, within the limits of cooperation agreements, in other institutions of higher learning in Vaasa or nationwide network universities.

If you plan to complete courses outside the university, you should discuss the possibility for including the course in your degree or compensating some of your compulsory courses with the programme representatives before registering for the course.

Also international student exchange is a great way to broaden your degree and improve your employability on the job market. University of Vaasa has exchange destinations all over the world for both Bachelors and Masters students. You can also take cross-disciplinary studies abroad. Exchange studies together with a course preparing students for exchange can give you an International Studies module.

Choosing modules and minor subjects is a part of your career planning

Career Services support students´career planning and work life skills development.

Minor subjects offered by the Language Centre

The Language Centre Linginno offers language and communication expertise and functions as a language centre for all schools.

In addition to the obligatory language courses you can make a language minor of 25 credits. The language minor consists of courses of one or more languages. The monolingual language minor at the Language Centre can consist of courses in Finnish, English, French, German or Russian. In the multilingual minor you can include courses in several languages. You can also include language courses completed in other universities or abroad. At least one of them has to consist of 10 credits on level B1-C1. Obligatory courses, which are part of the degree cannot be included in the language minor.

Minor in Business Communication

University of Vaasa and Hanken School of Economics students have the opportunity to study a language minor of 25 credits in Business Communication. Students compile their minor by combining courses of their choice from a

It is also possible to just take single courses.

As this minor is offered by both universities in collaboration, some courses are held at Hanken, and others at University of Vaasa. University of Vaasa students register for courses organized by the university in Peppi and for courses organized by Hanken School of Economics via an e-form. Hanken students register for courses organized by the University of Vaasa via this form.

The minor focuses on oral and written communication in the business world. The scope is international, offering insight into cultural contexts, negotiation and presentation techniques, and the production of oral presentations, business reports and academic papers according to international standards.

After completing the study module in Business Communication, you will have an understanding of intercultural issues that affect business life today, such as differences in cultural values, cultural beliefs, conventions of intercultural politeness and social expectations.

Course schedules for courses held at Hanken School of Economics (search using course code).

Course schedules for courses held at University of Vaasa (search using course code).

Contact persons at the University of Vaasa are Jennifer Connolly, Hanna Snellman and Sannina Sjöberg, and at Hanken Carola Wide.

Compensation for open or summer university study fees

A basic degree student may seek recommendation to carry out studies in the Open University of the University of Vaasa, Vaasa Summer University, or in another unit offering higher level education, provided that the studies contribute to graduating and are in accordance with the strategy of the University of Vaasa. The studies should preferably take place during summer.

The student must have completed his/her major subject's basic studies or comparable studies. The objective is that the outside studies are a planned part of a degree to be completed at the University of Vaasa, and that the minimum scope of the degree is not exceeded. A student can be recommended for a compensation for study fees to the extent of one minor subject or comparable studies (25 ECTS).

A student may also get a recommendation for courses that are in accordance with another university's degree requirements and that are not offered by the University of Vaasa. A student may get a recommendation only to studies that are included in the student’s personal study plan (PSP or in Finnish, HOPS). Also, the studies must clearly contribute to graduation. The application for a recommendation must always be made before the studies begin.

Students in Business Studies can only get compensation for language studies that are not taught at the University of Vaasa.

By recommending the studies, the university underwrites to pay the study fees. Also, the student commits to include the studies as a part of a degree to be completed at the University of Vaasa. The recommendation is effective for no longer than two academic terms. An extension can be granted only for a well-founded reason (e.g. illness) and the extension must be applied for, by e.g. e-mail, before the recommendation expires.

The student first pays the study fees of the recommended studies. After the studies in question have been passed, the university compensates the study fees to the student. A compensation is made only for the fees of studies / courses that have been passed and recommended and for no more than 250 € / 25 ECTS for completed studies or 15 € / ECTS for a completed course. Compensation can not be more than the course fee.

After the student has completed the outside studies, he/she submits a copy of the study certificate and/or an official transcription of study credits, and a copy of the study fee receipts to the person in charge if the recommendation. The compensation for the study fees must be sought within three months from the completion of the recommended studies.

JOO flexible study right agreement of Vaasa Consortium of Higher Education

The parties of Vaasa Consortium of Higher Education have renewed the local JOO agreement. The agreement concerns the universities, universities of applied sciences, and institutes of higher education functioning in Vaasa (University of Vaasa, Åbo Akademi University, Hanken School of Economics, Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu VAMK University of Applied Sciences Novia University of Applied Sciences, and Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki).

According to the agreement, a student who has registered as attending and who has a study right for Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree in one of the institutions of higher education in the agreement, can apply for a temporary right to complete studies that will be included in his/her degree at another institution of higher education in the agreement. The agreement includes also the exchange students.

Endorsement is granted primarily for studies that are not available in the home institution, and which the student can include in his/her degree as supplementary or substituting studies according to his/her Personal Study Plan (PSP/ HOPS).

Before you apply for the JOO study right you should contact your own study councelor.

Applying for the study right:

  • Between the University of Vaasa, Åbo Akademi University, Hanken School of Economics, Novia University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki, application is done by using the JOOPAS service.
  • Use the paper application form for JOO studies at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK).

The University of Vaasa has an JOO agreement (flexible study right scheme) with other Finnish Universities. However, at the moment the University of Vaasa is not giving the recommendations for JOO studies outside of Vaasa.

Network universities

When including studies completed in national networks in your degree, it is important to consider the curriculum and the instructions and regulations concerning the degrees of the School. Before starting your studies in a network, it is advisable to discuss about it with the study counselor of your own School/field of study.

The University of Vaasa is involved in the following network universities:

On the networks' own websites there is information e.g. on the application procedure, application forms, as well as information on study methods and study content. The contact person of the University of Vaasa in FITech is project coordinator Maria Tuuri.

LITO Basic Business Studies

LITO Basic Business Studies offers students from the participating universities eight 5 ECTS courses, which are implemented online in collaboration with the participating universities.

LITO Basic Business Studies are intended for degree students who are NOT studying Business / Economics and Business Administration.

The course registration for LITO Studies takes place at the student's home university during a pre-defined registration period. The period may differ from the home university's own registration times - therefore the student must check the registration period for each course in WebOodi and follow it. Course registration within the registration period is required in order to get credits for the course. No late registrations are accepted.

If you wish to have an entry in your degree certificate for completing the LITO Basic Business Studies study module, you must complete at least 25 ECTS LITO Studies, including course VIBu - Business Simulation (LITO1008, 5 ECTS).

The contact person for LITO Basic Business Studies is assistant Salla Järvisalo.

Climate University Module Studies

Climate University provides free online courses for everyone who wants to make the sustainability transition in the society real. The courses are made in multidisciplinary collaboration of several universities in Finland. The courses are available for everyone to study, but please also see for further details on the available courses at several higher education institutions. 

The EUNICE international studies module 

The “EUNICE international studies” contains courses provided by the partner universities of the EUNICE alliance, the European University for Customised Education funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ Programme. The module is open to all students at the University of Vaasa and offers an easy accessible path to online international studies preparing the students for future positions in a global environment. The module consists of courses giving a total amount of 15 ECTS, which are selected from the EUNICE study offer  The EUNICE study offer contains courses connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within e.g. the fields of Smart Cities, Transportation, Health Care, Energy and Environment.