Please see below the general and the field-specific forms related to studies.

The English version of this section is currently under construction. The rest of the links and forms will be updated here as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

PSP Forms

Please see the section Planning the Studies and Personal Study Plan (PSP) for PSP forms.

Forms Related to the Studies Completed Elsewhere

For information about summer and open university studies, compensation of study fees as well as studies completed in other higher education establishments in the Vaasa region, please see the section Modules and Minor Subjects.

The Compensation for Study Fees - Application form is used to apply for a recommendation for courses that are in accordance with another university's degree requirements and that are not offered by the University of Vaasa. A student may get a recommendation only to studies that are included in the student’s personal study plan (PSP or in Finnish, HOPS). Also, the studies must clearly contribute to graduation. The application for a recommendation must always be made before the studies begin. Please see the section Modules and Minor Subjects under the heading "Compensation for Open or Summer University Studies" for further information.

JOO Flexible Study Right Agreement of Vaasa Consortium of Higher Education 

According to the JOO agreement, a student who has registered as attending and who has a study right for Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree in one of the institutions of higher education in the agreement, can apply for a temporary right to complete studies that will be included in his/her degree at another institution of higher education in the agreement. 

Between the University of Vaasa, Åbo Akademi University, Hanken School of Economics, Novia University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki, application is done by using the JOOPAS service.

Use the paper application form for JOO studies at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK).

Accessible Studying

In case you need special support and guidance or special arrangements for your study, please turn to the Study Psychologist. Special arrangements are applied for with Application form for special arrangements of studies. For further information about special arrangements and accessible studying, please see the section Accessible Studying.

Application for an Approval of Master's Thesis Topic

Please fill in this form together with a professor of your major to apply for an approval of your master's thesis topic. Please return the filled form to Amanuensis Anniina Saksa, firstname.lastname at

The application form for the Internship Voucher is available in the Intership section of the website. Please note the form is available only when the application period is ongoing.

The application forms for Erasmus Placements and Internships are available in the Student Exchange for International Students section of the website, under the heading "Forms".

The forms related to student exchange are available in the section Student Exchange for International Students, under the heading "Forms". The forms are group according to the timeline; forms needed before, during and after the exchange. The forms related to Freemover exchange as well as Erasmus Placements and Internships are also available in the same section mentioned above.

For applications for master's degree certificate, please see the section Review of the Content of the Degree and Degree Certificate, under the heading "Request for a Degree Certificate".

OBS. Starting from 4.7.2022 you apply to graduate in Peppi.