Review of the Content of the Degree and the Degree Certificate

You can ask a review of the content of the degree already well in advance before receiving final credits and the degree certificate once you have completed all the studies included in the degree. Please note that you need to be registered as attending in order to graduate and receive the degree certificate. Take care of your attendance registration in time if you are graduating at the beginning of a semester.

Graduation timetable

The time allotted for the evaluation of the thesis depends on the examiners. The examiners have 30 days to leave the evaluation of the thesis with the suggested grade once the Master's thesis is submitted for evaluation.

If you need to write a maturity exam, sign up for it immediately after submitting the thesis for evaluation in its final form, because 30 days must also be reserved for the review of the maturity exam.

Fill in the application for the degree certificate at least 28 days before the intended graduation day. Ask the International Education Specialist to check your studies well before that.

Graduation timetables by field of study autumn 2021

Review of the content of the degree

Ask the International Education Specialist to check your studies well before submitting the application for a degree certificate. It is beneficial to ask for a check e.g. when starting the thesis in order to have time to complete final credits.

Request for a degree certificate

When you have completed all studies included in the degree, you can request a degree certificate. You are responsible for making sure all your grades are in and all studies, including your thesis and maturity exam, are registered. Check the graduation timetable of your own field of study.

NB! When filling the application for a degree certificate, Javascript must be enabled in your browser.

Content of the degree certificate

The average grades for major and minor studies are marked in the degree certificate. They are calculated from the grades of credits as a weighting average of the number of credits. The average grades are visible on the official transcript.

In connection with the degree certificate, all graduates are also issued a Diploma Supplement in English for international use as well as a transcript of studies in English.

Receiving the degree certificate

The Schools issue degree certificates once a month, except in July.

During the exception period, the degree certificates are delivered to graduates by post only

The degree certificate leaves by post to you on the graduation day as a registered letter to the address you provide. A registered letter is delivered to the recipient in 2–4 working days in the Nordic countries and outside the Nordic countries in 3–10 working days. 

When we return to campus

If you do not graduate on the day of Publiikki Graduation Event or you do not participate in Publiikki, you may collect your degree certificate on the graduation day between 12–13 o'clock or as agreed from

  • Tervahovi (3rd floor) Student Services: Business Studies
  • Fabriikki (4th floor) Student Services, room F427: Industrial Management and Technology

The degree certificate can also be posted to you as a registered letter to the address you provide in the application of the degree certificate.

Translations and copies of degree certificates

Degree certificates are issued in Finnish. If the student graduates from a programme in which the language of instruction has been English, the student receives degree certificates both in Finnish and in English. The student always receives a transcript of studies both in Finnish and in English with the degree certificate.

In addition to the degree certificate and transcripts of studies, the student also receives a Diploma Supplement for international use. In the Diploma Supplement, the content of the degree is described in English.

The university does not provide translations of degree certificates. If you need a translation of your certificate, you have to have it translated yourself. It is recommended to use an authorised translator for the translation work.

If the graduate or some other person/source has lost or damaged the degree certificate after it has been delivered to the graduate or to a person authorised by the graduate, a copy of the signed and stamped degree certificate will be given.

A new original degree certificate will be issued at the request of the graduate if the degree certificate sent by the University has been lost in the mail before it has been handed over to the graduate or to a person authorised by the graduate.

A graduate who has changed his/her gender will, upon request, obtain a new degree certificate with corrected personal information.

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