Completion and Assessment of Studies

The requirements for credits, method of instruction, and assessment of each course is explained in the course description.

The compulsory studies in the programmes are planned and organised in a way that it is possible for the student to complete the target degree within the normative duration of studies.

Electronic Exam Service

Electronic examination system EXAM is in use at the University of Vaasa.

Self-Study Facilities

There are several self-study and group-study facilties on campus. These facilities are located in Tervahovi and Fabriikki building as well as in the academic library Tritonia. For more information about the self-study facilities, please visit section Campus Services > Facilities.

Electronic Exam Service (EXAM)

Electronic examination system EXAM is in use at the University of Vaasa. Public general exams or personal exams (usually maturity exams) can be completed as electronic exams. To take an electronic exam you need a valid user account at the University. You also have to check that you have a study right to complete the course.

The main purpose of the EXAM system is to support student's diverse way to study. EXAM is part of the University's strategy to make studying more flexible in general.  

What can I take with me to the EXAM room?

  • You will have to prove your identity on request, so take a photo ID or a student card (no digital version) with you. The exam will be failed, if you take with you anything else.
  • It is not allowed to bring your own belongings (e.g. calculator or phone) to the exam room. Leave your belongings in a locker outside the room and leave your coat to the coat rack or to the lockers.
  • Make sure that your mobile phone is turned off or silent in the locker before entering the examination room.
  • The electronic exam room is unscented. Please consider your fragrance sensitive fellow students when coming to the exam room.
  • Students face has to be visible for the cameras in the room, so baseball caps or other headgear covering the face are prohibited.

If you have any medical reason why you need special arrangements for the exam (allergy, asthma, diabetes, chronic intestinal disease, etc.) you should inform this in advance exam(at) 

Programmes in use

  • Adobe Reader, Word (engl. 2016), Excel (engl. 2016), OneNote, Calculator, Paint, Notepad. 
  • The computers have limited access to the internet and only the EXAM application can be accessed with a browser.

In problem situations

  • If EXAM program gets jammed, close and reopen the browser and log in to EXAM again. EXAM saves your answer every minute.
  • If you have problems with the actual computer, you can restart the computer from the start-button on the display. You may have to wait for a minute or two for the computer to reload from the server.
  • If you have problem with the lockers, please contact the porters in Tervahovi.
  • Form for reporting interruption or start up failure in an electronic exam.

During the COVID-19 time

The national safety and hygiene guidelines have been taken into account. The student must clean the workstation before the exam and after the exam. Please, use the products in the classroom for the cleaning. You must wear a face mask in EXAM rooms and in University's premises. If for some reason you cannot use the mask, please contact exam(at) before the exam.

Special arrangements

The doors of the EXAM rooms are not electrically assisted, so if you need help accessing the exam room (you are in a wheelchair, you have walking sticks, etc.), please contact us in advance. Assistance is available on Mon-Fri from 8 am. to 4 pm. Also, if you have a medical reason for which you need special arrangements for the exam (allergy, asthma, diabetes, chronic intestinal disease, etc.) you should contact exam(at) in advance.

Conditions of use

By using the Electronic Exam Service you undertake to abide by the conditions of use. The student consents to audio and video surveillance and to the combining of information of the examinations systems in order to confirm identity.

  1. In electronic examinations the evaluation regulations will be those governing studies at the University of Vaasa.
  2. The rules governing use of information systems (in Finnish) will apply in electronic examinations.
  3. The electronic examination room is equipped with real-time and recording video and audio surveillance.

Privacy Policy of Electronic exam system (in Finnish)
Privacy Policy of Recording video surveillance (in Finnish)




More information about the Electronic Exam System 


Elina Luokkanen

Elina Luokkanen

Assistant, Education Services
University Services, Study and Education Services
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EXAM - Rooms and opening hours


University of Vaasa has two EXAM rooms and they are both located in Tervahovi building. The address is Wolffintie 34. 

  • D123 locates in 1st floor, in D wing, the sea side of the building 
  • B211 locates in 2nd floor, in B wing

There is code lockable lockers locates in the corridor next to room D123. 

Opening hours

The EXAM-rooms are open Mon-Fri from 8 am till 8 pm and on Saturdays from 12 till 4 pm.

  • The exam visit in University of Vaasa is only possible on weekdays. 

Summer 2022 opening hours

  • From 20th June to 7th August the EXAM-rooms are open Mon-Fri from 8 am to 3 pm.

Exceptional opening hours 

National service breaks:

  • First working day Wednesday of each month at 8-10 


  • D123 23rd May 13.00-15.00
  • 26th May 2022
  • 1st June 2022
  • 24th June 2022

The electronic examination room is equipped with real-time surveillance and recording video/sound surveillance.

Centralised examinations

Centralised examinations are general examinations organized on campus. At the events, it is possible to take final exams, retake exams and exams that have not been held during the teaching period. Exams are paper exams. Education services are responsible for practical arrangements.

If you do not pass, want to improve your grade or do not want to take the first exam offered, two additional opportunities are provided to retake the exam later on. Please note that if you retake an exam in order to improve your grade, the better grade will show in your transcript of records. The transcript will not show the number of attempts in the examination.

Please note: Exchange students might have only one opportunity to take an exam, as the retake exam might be scheduled for the following semester (when the student might already have left Vaasa). Please check exam dates and study for the first exam (period exam) accordingly. Exchange students are also required to stay in Vaasa until they have completed the required exams for the semester or academic year.

The University tries to schedule retakes so that students have an opportunity to retake an exam at least once each semester. However, this is not always possible with courses that run very late in the semester. Some courses may be passed by taking mid-course exams instead or the exam may be included in the class hours and may replace the actual period exam. Some courses may be passed solely by attending enough lessons and lectures. Apart from an exam, course requirements may include, for example, a written assignment. The degree programmes also include courses that are based only on set literature which the student must study independently.

The requirements for completing a course are given in the description of each course. If you need more information on the exam of a certain course, please contact the teacher of the course in question.

Registration for an Exam

Students should register for exams by using an online form Webropol. You will receive a verification message by email after submitting the form.

Students must register for an exam at least 5 days in advance (registrations can be made 45 days before the examination date at the earliest). Late registrations will not be accepted. You can not participate in the exam if you have not registered. Notice that your exam is not graded if you have not registered (the Education Council 17.11.2016).

You may cancel your registration for an exam by emailing Student Services (tentit(at) three (3) days before the exam date at the latest. If you fail to cancel your registration and do not attend two consecutive exams of the same course or give up two consecutive exams, you should discuss possible need for additional studies or guidance with the reponsible teacher before taking the exam again.

If you want to write two examinations in the same day, please contact Student Services (tentit(at) Please also remember to register for both exams.

For any special arrangements in exams, please contact tentit(at) well before the exam day. For more information about the accessibility in studies visit the webpages Accessible studying.

Exam instructions

  • A list of exam rooms is available by the information desk of Tervahovi building on the exam day.

    Practical Information when participating in an exam:

  • Do NOT speak in the exam.
  • Be on time. The doors of the examination venue will be locked 15 minutes past the hour and no one is allowed to enter after that.
  • The invigilator of the exam will allocate a seat for each student. When taking seats in the auditorium, leave one empty seat on your both sides (sometimes two, please follow the invigilators’ instructions).
  • You are allowed to have only writing equipment and the instruments specifically allowed for the exam with you (for example dictionary or pocket calculator – teacher will inform the invigilators about the allowed items). Bags and jackets have to be left on the side of the exam hall. Mobile phones must be switched off during the exam.
  • Any kind of communication with other students is strictly forbidden after you have received the questions. Ignoring this regulation may result in an allegation of cheating in examination.
  • You are not allowed to read the exam questions until the supervisor gives you permission to do so. Thus keep your paper turned upside-down before you get a permission to start the exam from the invigilator. If necessary, the supervisor will clarify unclear points in the examination paper. You can attract the attention of the supervisor by raising your hand if you need to clarify something, more paper is required, you wish to go to toilet, etc.
  • You are allowed to enter the exam hall max. 15 minutes after the exam has started.
  • You are not allowed to leave the exam hall during the first 45 minutes from the beginning of the exam.
  • You are not allowed to leave the exam hall for a cigarette etc. and come back to write your exam.
  • Before leaving, everyone has to hand in the exam paper and answer papers to the invigilators. Please check that each exam paper you submit has your name, your student number, name of the exam, and name of the examiner. You have to show your identity card when returning the exam papers to the invigilator.
  • If it is found out that a student is cheating in an exam, he/she will receive punishment which can lead to a termination of studies at the University of Vaasa.
  • Please notice that all exam rooms have video recording.
  • NB! Plagiarism and cheating in exams is considered serious offence at Finnish universities. Plagiarism or cheating in examination may lead to disqualification of the course result and dismissal from the University for a maximum of one year. The University of Vaasa will inform the immigration officials and police about possible offences if the officials ask for this information when processing e.g. residence permit applications. In addition, if possible employers ask for information about former students of the university, abovementioned offences will be informed to the employers.

    In case of exchange students, the International Office of the University of Vaasa will terminate the student’s exchange period immediately and inform her/his home university about the incident.

    Please avoid even any suspicion of plagiarism or cheating in examination.

Evaluation of the exam

Exam results are to be announced within 30 working days after the exam date. The results of the exams that are organized during June and July are announced by the end of August.

Assessment and registration of credit units

Exam results are to be announced within 30 working days after the exam date. In case of delay, the lecturer or other person responsible for announcing the results will have to inform the students about the delay within the 30 days after the exam.

The assessment criteria are public and you may inquire about the criteria from the examiner. You may have a look at your corrected exam or course work and receive information about the assessment details by visiting the examiner during their office hour. Exam answers are kept in an archive for at least six months after the exam day.

Exam results are displayed in Peppi system. Credits for entire courses are registered to the student register. Courses that include compulsory written exercises or other partial credit units will be registered only after all parts have been completed. For this reason it is important that you, whenever possible, complete the course and all its parts simultaneously.

Transcript of Records

The student either fails or passes a course. Students who pass the course are graded according to the University of Vaasa grading system in which 1 = sufficient, 2 = satisfactory, 3 = good, 4 = very good, and 5 = excellent, or on a pass/fail basis. In the latter case, the mark ‘hyv.’(pass) appears on the student’s transcript. The transcript of records includes an explanation of the grading scale.

You can check your own record in Peppi system and order You can download an official, digitally-signed transcript of records and study certificate from Peppi.

If the party concerned does not accept your digitally signed document, you may request a signed and stamped paper document by this e-form.

Dissatisfied with the result?

In case you consider the assessment of your examination or course work inadequate, you may ask for a rectification from the respective lecturer within 14 days after the result has been properly announced.

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the request for rectification, you can take the matter to the Degree Committee within 14 days of the time the result was served. The Degree Committee is appointed by the Rector of the University.

Members of the Student Union (all degree students and those postgraduate students who have paid the Student Union fee) may also contact the Secretary of the Student Interests at the Student Union of the University of Vaasa (e-mail: edunvalvontasihteeri(at) in questions about the studies.

ECTS Credit System

You can find information on the ECTS credit system and the comparison between the grading system of the University of Vaasa and the ECTS system here.

Distribution of Grades per Course

Information on distribution of grades per individual courses can be found on Moodle dashboard (login needed).

Master's thesis evaluation rubrics

Business Studies