EXAM - Instructions for Students

If the course is completed by examination or it includes an exam, the teacher might use EXAM system for this process. The teacher creates the exam and publishes it, after which you can make a reservation for it. Public general exams or personal exams (usually maturity exams) can be completed as electronic exams. An electronic exam can be used to give the whole course grade or a partial course grade.
  • If you need special arrangements concerning electronic exams or the exam room, please find more information from Completion and Assessment of Studies, section Special arrangements.
  • If you want more information about electronic exams in EXAM system, please send email to exam(at)uwasa.fi 
  • Go to the EXAM system 
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Registering for an exam

  1. Open the address https://exam.uwasa.fi and sign in to the system with your University user id and password.
  2. Go to the section Exams and write either the code of the course / the name of the exam / the name of the examinator
  3. Click Book an exam time. In Reservation information -page choose Exam room and then pick a suitable time for you from the calendar. The calendar gives you a preview for 30 days ahead. Confirm your booking.
    • If for health reasons you require an electronic table with a possibility to change its hight, you are able to select it from Accessibility type
    • If there are Optional sections in your exam, you need to choose them now. 
  4. Your registration appears to your dashboard and you receive a confirmation to your University e-mail.
  5. You can cancel or modify your reservation until the time of your reservation. Please act on time so that the exam slot can be used by others.

If the teacher has created a personal exam for you, it will appear to you dashboad automatically. You only need to book a time for the exam. 

Exam visit (in another EXAM organization)

Exam visit means that you take your own university's exam in another organization's Exam room.
You can use an exam visit to take a general exam, a personal exam, or a maturity test.

Before booking a time for your exam in another university, please check

  • organization's rules and regulations 
  • opening hours and how to access the exam room. 
  • programs in use 

You can find institutions where EXAM visit is possible here https://e-exam.fi/in-english/

Booking time for exam visit:

  1. Sign in to EXAM with your University's user id and password.
  2. Find the exam by using the course code / name of the course / name of the examinator. Click Book an exam time
  3. To book a time in another organization, click Exam room reservation from external institution.
  4. Choose the organization from the drop down menu and after that the exam room. (The list shows only those organizations which are using exam visit.)
  5. Now you will see the booking calendar. Choose a time and confirm you booking. you receive a confirmation to your University e-mail. 
  6. When you go to take your exam, sign in to the other organization's EXAM with your home institution's user ID and password.

Exam visit in another organization

The University of Vaasa exam room for exam visit is located in Tervahovi building which is the main building of the campus.

  • The room number is D123 and it is in 1st floor, at the sea end of the building. 
  • The address is Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa.

OBS! During the COVID-19 situation, the entering to the Tervahovi building is only from the main doors. (The wing closest to the Wolffintie)

Access to the building and to EXAM room

  • You don't need a separate access card to enter the exam room. Separate login is also not required for exam machines.

Opening hours: Weekdays Mon-Fri from 8 am till 8 pm, 

  • From 20th June to 7th August 2022 the EXAM-rooms are open Mon-Fri from 8 am to 3 pm.
  • Exam visit is closed on 17th August 2022.

Exceptional opening hours: First working day Wednesday of each month at 8-10 (service break) 

Please check out the general instructions and for entering the building and updates for exceptional opening hours from the page Completion and Assessment of Studies. 

Programs in use: 

  • Adobe Reader, Word (Engl. 2016), Excel (Engl. 2016), OneNote, Calculator, Paint, Notepad and opportunity to open zip-files.

Accessibility: The workstation is with an electrically adjustable desk.

The electronic examination room is equipped with real-time surveillance and recording video/sound surveillance.

Cancelling or changing registration

  • If you want to change the reservation, click three dots (...) and click Edit registration
  • If you want to cancel the reservation, click three dots (...) and click Remove the booking. Confirm by choosing Yes.
    • OBS! Removing the exam reservation does not delete the registration.
  • If you want to cancel the registration, click three dots (...) and click Cancel the registrationConfirm by choosing Yes

You can cancel or modify your reservation until the time of your reservation. Please act on time so that the exam slot can be used by others.

Transfer the exam reservation to the calendar

  1. Click on the e-mail attachment (booking.ics) you received on the exam reservation.
  2. If you want, change the name of the Subject, for example the title of the exam (EXAM1001). Otherwise, the reservation title on the calendar will become an Exam Reservation.
  3. Save your changes to Save & Close. The reservation is shown in your calendar.

With Office 365 and Mail Mailbox, you can click the arrow next to the attachment and choose Add to Calendar. The attachment becomes a state added to.

Logging in and taking the exam

  • Exam computers do not require a separate login. You use HAKA-logging system to sign in to the EXAM system. Use your own user account, write only the first part of the whole username. Do not use @student.uwasa.fi part.
    • If exam hasn't started yet and you are on right computer, your exam will start soon. 
    • If you are on a wrong computer, the system guides you to the right one by telling the computers number. 
    • If exam has already started and you are on a right computer, you can start doing you test. 
    • If you arrive late for the exam, the delay will reduce the total time of the exam.
  • On the first screen you see the instructions for your exam. The exam is divided into pages according to how many sections of questions there are. 
  • Move on to the Question section. Answer the questions in any order you like. 
  • The clock on a right upper corner shows you the time that you have left. You can also hide the clock if you will.
  • The system saves the data automatically once in a minute. You can save you data also by clicking the Save‐button.
    • OBS! If you are using other programs (Excel, Word etc) you must save the data manually. Please make sure that you have attached all the needed attachements to the exam before ending the exam. 
  • Hand in your exam by clicking the Save and return the exam link. Confirm by answering Yes.
  • The systems will thank you and log you out. Close the browser and log out of the computer. Don’t shut down the computer!
  • If you have to abort the exam, choose the Abort exam link on the right hand side of the window. Confirm the abortion, close the browser and log out from the computer.

Assesment and feedback

You will receive an email, when the assessment is ready. 

  1. Log in to EXAM system.
  2. Choose Study attainments from the left panel. 
  3. There is Show feedback link in those exams that has already assessed. Click the link and you will see the grade and the feedback.

Please notice that the exam can also be a partial assignment, in which case the grade of the exam does not correspond to the final grade of the course. Further information on the course evaluation will be provided by the teacher.

Maturity test

Maturity tests that includes language evaluation are mainly executed in EXAM system. For more information concerning maturity test can be found in page Maturity exam

Maturity process in EXAM system:

  1. Contact to you supervisor and tell him/her that you are willing to do the maturity test. 
  2. If you have not used EXAM system before, please go and log in to the system. After this, the supervisor can add you as a participant to the test. 
  3. Fill in the form registering for maturity test. The form can be found from page Kypsyysnäyte
  4. Send the form to you supervisor by email. 
  5. When your supervisor has created the maturity test in EXAM, you will receive an email (to the University email) requesting you to book a time for taking the maturity test in EXAM.
  6. As you log in to EXAM to book a time for the maturity test, you will find the exam on student's desktop in EXAM. Please book the time.
  7. Book a time and follow the instructions for a normal electronic exam. 
  8. You will receive an email after the assessment is ready and you go to read the teacher's feedback from EXAM.

OBS! If you are planning to do a maturity exam, please notice the enrollment for the academic year / semester and also the dates for the semester. The fall semester is 1.8.-31.12. and the spring semester 1.1.-31.7. The study of attainment cannot be registered if you are not present during that specific semester. For example, if you have done your Maturity test on August, you need to enroll for the fall semester.