Towards Graduation

Graduand’s checklist

  1. Please ensure in good time that your thesis follows the writing guidelines and meets the requirements for originality as well as citations and source references.
  2. Once you have received permission from your supervisor to publish your thesis, upload it to the plagiarism detection system and save it in the electronic publication archive.
  3. Register for the maturity exam immediately after submitting your thesis for examination. A period of 30 days must be set aside for the inspection of both.
  4. Check your study record and request a review of the content of your degree. Please note that only those who have registered as attending can graduate.
  5. Complete the application for a degree certificate no later than 28 days before the graduation day. At the same time, you can register for the graduation ceremony and join the alumni.

Graduation days 2021-2022



The academic schools award degree certificates once a month, except in July.

ATTN! There is no graduation date in November due to downtime!

In December and June (dates marked with an asterisk (*)), the university organises joint graduation ceremonies which are called publiikki in Finnish.

Due to privacy protection, the university does not publish the names of graduates in newspapers. If you want to announce your degree in the newspapers, you can contact them directly.


Last day to apply for a degree certificate

  • Fri. 13.8.2021
  • Fri. 27.8.2021
  • Fri. 10.9.2021
  • Mon. 4.10.2021
  • Mon. 29.11.2021
  • Fri. 17.12.2021
  • Fri. 14.1.2022
  • Fri. 11.2.2022
  • Fri. 11.3.2022
  • Fri. 15.4.2022
  • Fri. 29.4.2022
  • Fri. 13.5.2022
  • Fri. 27.5.2022
  • Wed. 8.6.2022
  • Fri. 1.7.2022

Graduation days in the academic year 2021–2022

  • Fri. 27.8.2021
  • Fri. 10.9.2021
  • Fri. 24.9.2021
  • Mon. 18.10.2021
  • Mon. 20.12.2021 *
  • Fri. 31.12.2021
  • Fri. 28.1.2022
  • Fri. 25.2.2022
  • Fri. 25.3.2022
  • Fri. 29.4.2022
  • Fri. 13.5.2022
  • Fri. 27.5.2022
  • Fri. 10.6.2022
  • Wed. 22.6.2022 *
  • Fri. 29.7.2022

Good to remember

Financial aid for students

The financial aid from Kela automatically ends upon graduation.

Access to IT services

Access to the university information systems will be terminated one week after graduation.

Refund of the VYY membership fee

If you graduate in August or January, you can apply for a refund of your VYY membership fee.

Bachelor’s Graduate Survey

A national student feedback survey is sent to all graduating bachelor degree students as they complete their application for a degree certificate.

Doctoral studies

After completing a master’s degree, you can continue your studies in our doctoral programmes.

Alumni studies

If you join our alumni, you can apply for an alumni study right.

Career services

You can use our career services for about a year after graduation.

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