Towards Graduation

This page contains information and instructions related to graduation and the degree certificate. There is one graduation date every month except for May, June and December when there are two. You can apply for graduation in Peppi as soon as all the study attainments for your degree have been approved and registered.

Valmistuvien maistereiden ja tohtoreiden juhla eli publiikki

We would like to keep you as a partner also after graduation. Did you know that you can supplement your skills during the academic year following graduation for free by applying for alumni study right.

Graduand's Checklist

  1. Check out the graduation timetable below. In particular, please take into account the time required to review the thesis if it is the final study attainment to complete your degree.
  2. Before applying for graduation, please check that all the study attainments included in the degree have been approved and registered in Peppi. If necessary, ask your study counsellor to check your studies before applying.
  3.  To apply, use the Graduation service on the Peppi desktop. The service has two stages: first, fill in the application to graduate, and then, after receiving the notification of acceptance, submit a request for the degree certificate. It may take several days, but, as a rule, you will receive a notification in your student email about one week before the intended graduation date.
  4. Keep an eye on your student email and the processing of the application to graduate in Peppi. Please submit your request for the degree certificate as soon as you receive the permission.
  5. You can use the application to graduate to register for the Publiikki event and join the alumni network.
  6. On the graduation day, you can download your electronic degree certificate from the Peppi desktop. Please do it within two weeks of the graduation date if your study rights at the University of Vaasa expire.
  7. Please note that only those who have registered as attending can graduate.

Graduation days for autumn 2022

Valmistumishakemuksen viimeinen jättöpäivä Pepissä Valmistumispäivät syksyllä 2022
pe 12.8.2022 pe 26.8.2022
pe 26.9.2022 pe 30.9.2022
pe 14.10.2022 pe 28.10.2022
pe 11.11.2022 pe 25.11.2022
ma 5.12.2022 ma 19.12.2021
pe 16.12.2022 pe 31.12.2022 *
  • Please note that you must submit the request for the degree certificate between submitting the application to graduate and the graduation date (see Applying to graduate).
  • In December the university organises joint graduation ceremonies which is called publiikki in Finnish.
  • *In December the degree certificates are prepared in the following month (January 2023)
  • Master’s degree graduands: if your graduation date is earlier than the 18th of the month, you are not eligible for student financial aid that month.
  • Due to privacy protection, the university does not publish the names of graduates in newspapers. If you want to announce your degree in the newspapers, you can contact them directly.

NB! Degree certificates for those graduating July 29th will be prepared during week 33, i.e. 15.8.-19.8.2022.

Thesis and graduation schedule

Thesis (Bachelor's Thesis, Master's Thesis) are often the last credits for the degree. When planning your graduation, you should take into account the time it takes to review theses. The examiners have 30 days to give their assesment of the thesis submitted for examination. The dean of the academic unit confirms the master's degree thesis grade after reviewing the examiners' opinion. Find out more about the theses and graduation schedule from the links below.

Applying to graduate

You can apply for graduation once all the study attainments for your degree have been approved and registered in Peppi.  Please note that the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis and the maturity text must also be approved and registered..

The Graduation service for students has two stages:  first, fill in an application to graduate, and then, after it is reviewed, submit a request for the degree certificate.

  1. Submit your application to graduate on the date specified in the graduation timetable at the latest. The study counsellor will review your application to graduate. After that, you will receive permission to submit a request for the degree certificate. You can follow the processing of the application in the Graduation service. You will receive an email from the system informing you when you can submit the request for the degree certificate. Please note that the notification will be sent to your student email ( It takes several days to process an application to graduate during rush times. As a rule, you will receive permission to submit the request for the degree certificate about one week before the intended graduation date.
  2. Submit the request for the degree certificate without delay after receiving the permission or if you notice that the option to submit the request has opened in the Graduation service. Once the request for the degree certificate has been approved, the service will confirm your graduation date. You will also receive an email informing you of the date.

In the Graduation service, you can see the contact person processing your application. You can contact them with any questions related to your graduation. The contact persons are degree programme study counsellors or Graduate School experts in the case of postgraduate studies.

So, check your student email regularly after submitting your application to graduate!

Feedback survey regarding graduation

Students graduating with a Bachelor's degree and a Master’s in Economics and Business Administration will also be asked to complete a subject-specific graduate survey when applying for graduation.

The Degree Certificate

Content of the degree certificate

In connection with the degree certificate, all graduates are also issued a Diploma Supplement in English for international use as well as a transcript of studies in English.

The average grades for major and minor studies are marked in the degree certificate. They are calculated from the grades of credits as a weighting average of the number of credits. The grades are visible on the official transcript.
See: Compeltition and Assessment of Studies

Electronic degree certificate

The University of Vaasa is to switch to electronic degree certificates starting in August 2022

An electronic degree certificate is an official certificate which is electronically signed by the Dean. This means that you no longer need to certify your electronic degree certificate separately. The certificate meets the highest standards set by the EU Commission. 

The electronic certificate is a more reliable way to prove your qualifications versus a paper certificate. Graduates can use the certificate, for example, when applying for jobs and study places, where increasingly more people want to receive attachments in electronic form. It will also make it easier to keep the certificate safe. Each saved certificate is an official original certificate, the authenticity and integrity of which can be easily verified using the validation service on the University of Vaasa website or the “check PDF document” service of the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

The electronic degree certificate can be downloaded on the graduation date (by 14:00 at the latest) from the top menu of the Peppi desktop, under “Study Certificates”. Remember to download the certificate within two weeks of the graduation date if your study rights at the University of Vaasa expire. Save the certificate to multiple locations, such as on a computer, in the cloud and on a memory stick.

In the academic year 2022–2023, students will also receive a printed copy of their degree certificate.

During the academic year 2022–23, a paper copy of the degree certificate will be mailed to those who graduate. As a rule, the copies will be mailed as standard letter mail on the graduation date. Please note that the degree certificate will only be official in electronic form.

Verifying the validity of the degree certificate

The validity of an electronic degree certificate issued by the University of Vaasa can be verified by anyone to whom it is delivered using the Atomi Validator service. The validity can also be verified using the validation service available on the Digital and Population Data Services Agency website.

For more information about the validation of an electronically signed document, contact eduys(at)

Translations and copies of degree certificates

Degree certificates are issued in Finnish. If the student graduates from a programme in which the language of instruction has been English, the student receives degree certificates both in Finnish and in English. The student always receives a transcript of studies both in Finnish and in English with the degree certificate.

In addition to the degree certificate and transcripts of studies, the student also receives a Diploma Supplement for international use. In the Diploma Supplement, the content of the degree is described in English.

The university does not provide translations of degree certificates. If you need a translation of your certificate, you have to have it translated yourself. It is recommended to use an authorised translator for the translation work.

A graduate who has changed his/her gender will, upon request, obtain a new degree certificate with corrected personal information.

If a graduate has lost or damaged a paper certificate issued before 1 August 2022, they can be provided with a copy of the signed and stamped certificate. The electronic degree certificate should be stored in several places, such as on a computer, in the cloud and on a memory stick. For further information, contact edusys(at) 

Other things to keep in mind!

  • Would you like to supplement your degree? Apply for alumni study right.
  • The financial aid from Kela automatically ends upon graduation; see
  • Access rights to the university’s information systems will be terminated two weeks after graduation if your study rights at the University of Vaasa expire.
  • Students graduating in August or January can apply for a refund of the VYY membership fee using the electronic form. More information:
  • Interested in an academic career? After completing a Master’s degree, you can continue your studies in doctoral education at the University of Vaasa’s doctoral programmes.
  • You can use our career services for about a year after graduation.
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