Writing Guidelines and Plagiarism Detection

Common writing guidelines are used at the University of Vaasa for writing bachelor’s, master’s, and licentiate theses. The writing guidelines are also applied to coursework. As a part of the quality assurance of education, a plagiarism detection software is in use.

Writing guidelines

You will find the common writing guidelines of the University of Vaasa in Libguides of the academic library. The writing guidelines follow the APA citation style, which makes managing sources and references easy. Students’ writing process is also simplified with many examples of different cases.

Frequently asked Questions have been added to the website University of Vaasa writing guidelines. Please familiarise yourself with the instructions and the FAQ page!

Plagiarism detection

The plagiarism detection software is a part of the quality system of education and research.

The use of the software is not a separate form or method of instruction or grading but an aid in instructing and grading thesis writers.

All theses (bachelor's and master's theses as well as licentiate and doctoral theses) written for the University of Vaasa are checked against plagiarism with this software before they are accepted. An entry of the check will be added on the student's transcripts of records. The software in use is called Turnitin.

Students submit their theses for the plagiarism check (in Moodle) at the latest when they give their theses in for grading.

All theses submitted for grading are checked for originality with Turnitin. Once a thesis has been checked, the supervisor will give the student permission to save the thesis in the electronic publication archive Osuva.

Master’s thesis video in business programmes

Master’s students in business studies (not industrial management and computer science) have to produce a short (3-4 minutes) video presentation on their thesis.

The video is an obligatory part of the thesis and it needs to be submitted at the same time as the final thesis. Instructions for the video can be found in Moodle on page Master’s thesis video. The obligatory thesis video does not influence the final grade of the thesis.