Planning the Studies and Personal Study Plan (PSP)

Planning the studies is an essential part of studying. Building your own study path starts with reading the study guide, planning the studies and setting goals.

Planning of Studies

University studies typically give students freedom to plan, steer and evaluate their studies. As a student, you are largely responsible for the choices and progress of your own studies. However, you do also get support and guidance from your programme study counsellor, as well as from the teachers in your programme.

Smooth university studies require skills in planning the studies and in time management. Planning and time management skills are also useful in working life, so it is important to practise these already during your studies.

Below, you can find the general guidelines for PSPs and discipline-specific PSP templates, as well as information about course registration.

Kävelijöitä ja pyöräilijä kampuksen polulla

What Is a PSP and How Is It Prepared?

Personal study plan (PSP) is a tool for planning your studies and your learning and for monitoring the progress of your studies. All students at the University of Vaasa prepare a PSP during their first year of studies and update it as the studies progress.

A PSP includes at least a plan concerning the progress and goals of your studies, as well as the selected studies and the use of time. If you wish, you can also consider in a more open and extensive way your studying and learning goals, the organisation of your studies and their relationship to your other life, your own study habits and methods, as well as the support and guidance you need in your studies.

The general guidelines for PSPs help to plan the studies and prepare the PSP. The website also contains information about the objectives and content of the PSP.

PSP Templates and Contact Persons

You will find the field-specific PSP templates, guidelines and contact persons on the following websites.

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Study Counsellors 

Course Registration

Registration for study modules begins on 25th August 2022.

Registration for language studies begins on 22nd August 2022.

Further information about registration will be updated to Peppi before registration begins.

You can only complete studies during the academic year if you have enrolled as attending student.

It is necessary to register for all courses organised at the University of Vaasa. As a rule, registration usually takes place in Peppi. Registration closes before the teaching starts.

If needed, also remember to cancel your registration in Peppi.

The registration instructions for the Language Centre are provided in the link at the end of the page.

Information Retrieval Skills

Degree studies include two courses in information retrieval skills that are mandatory for those master's degree students who have not completed their bachelor's degree at the University of Vaasa. Registration for courses takes place in Peppi.

Additional information about replacement examination and information literacy courses can be found on Tritonia's website under Services > Guidance and education > Information literacy education for students > University of Vaasa.