PSP Templates for Business Studies

Personal study plan for the M.Sc. programmes is made at the beginning of master's studies or at the end of bachelor studies.

The Personal Study Plan is an agreement you make with the School. Its main purpose is to act as an aid for you to follow your progress during the studies. Moreover, the PSP is the document against which the your study record is compared with once you are getting closer to graduation. Therefore, update your PSP regularly, especially in case of major changes to the original. The recommended study schedule helps you to prepare the PSP.

PSP is made using an excel template. The template is filled by adding the number of credits in the done / to do columns in the excel and by adding the planned semester of completion for each course. Possible deviations from the standard PSP (e.g. studies completed elsewhere and possible credit transfers). It is also recommended to count the total number of ECTS in each column. The newest templates count the numbers of ECTS automatically.

Remember to mark your name and student number in the PSP and save the PSP for yourself. Please return the PSP to your study councellor via e-mail.

You should use the PSP template of the year you begun your studies or any newer template.

PSP Templates of  Master's Programme in Industrial Management 120 ECTS

Academic year 2021-2022



Academic year 2020-2021


Academic year 2019-2020


Academic year 2018-2019

Academic year 2017-2018 

Academic year 2016-2017 


Academic year 2015-2016 


Academic year 2014-2015