School of Technology and Innovation

Technology takes humanity into the future

The world needs sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions. We believe that any one of us can innovate. We think that the best technology has intelligence and energy. We are inspired by cooperation and bold ideas. We are proud of our graduates, as they are our ambassadors around the world.

Raine Hermans
Raine Hermans profiilikuva

The teaching and research areas of the School of Technology and Innovation include many interesting, challenging and fast-growing areas of technology. Today, information technology, automation, telecommunications, and industrial management are needed in every company’s products, production lines, and business.

Modern society could no longer function without information technology and real-time data transfer as well as optimised logistics. These are constantly needed in everything around us: for example, electronic payment transactions, electricity distribution, product information maintenance, product monitoring, monitoring and control of production processes, low-emission transportation of products, and the use of internet and smartphones. Energy technology and electricity are needed to sustain the society and all production.

Our school's areas of strength in research are data networks and wireless telecommunications services, optimisation, decentralised power generation, power distribution and use, quality and technology management, logistics, product development and modelling of economic and technical phenomena. We are developing our expertise in the energy industry together with the business community in the Vaasa region and international industrial companies. 

The school's research community is organised into four research groups:


We educate Bachelors, Masters and Doctors of Science in Technology and in Economics. Our graduates are pioneers of new energy and sustainability ready for demanding expert and management duties.