CASEMATE - Computationally Aided Systems Engineering for Marine Advanced Technology for The Environment

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CASEMATE aims to advance Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) in engine development to  advance the rapid market entry of zero-carbon fuels for marine and power generating applications. The target is to combine combustion development, controls, and mechanical lifetime assessment into a single optimization loop by investigating the methods needed for cross-connected disciplines. Special emphasis is put on creating predictive capabilities for the virtual validation of zero-carbon fuel engines.

The project scope includes the research of MBSE methodology and rapid system simulation tools for cross-domain modelling. High-level use cases addressed by CASEMATE include the closed-loop optimization and development of the engine combustion concept and the durability and wear assessment for H2 and NH3 fuels, along with an engine-level reliability assessment and the further reuse of the developed system model as part of product data in the customer interfaces. To support these goals, domain-specific technology is studied in the key areas with the target of creating meta-models suitable for utilization on the system level. A demonstrator is built around the utilization of the engine model for the closed-loop control optimization in an SCR application.

University of Vaasa is instrumental in the development of the project’s combustion technologies with novel fuels. The combustion models developed in this project and their system-level integration for coordinated powertrain control are pivotal for resolving global climate change. University of Vaasa's VEBIC laboratories provide a unique opportunity to validate the final solutions in cutting-edge combustion engine platforms.

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3 000 000€
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855 000€
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