FITech - Studies in ICT

FITech ICT – continuing education for adult learners

FITech ICT aims to offer lifelong learning in information and communication technologies for 3,000–5,000 persons in Finland. The University of Vaasa offers adult learners basic studies in IT (in Finnish) and advanced study modules in digital management and robust intelligent systems. The courses will start in September. Participation is free of charge for adult learners due to funding for continuous learning from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

• Basic studies in IT (in Finnish)

• Digital Management (in English) for team leaders and R&D managers

• Robust Intelligent Systems (in English) for developers

You can extend your knowledge with one study unit or an entire study module. The basic studies begin with elementary knowledge. The advanced studies are suitable for persons with a higher education degree or equivalent knowledge. Check the prior knowledge requirements from the course web page and choose a suitable level. These university-level studies will give you ECTS credits. One ECTS credit is equivalent to 27 hours of work that consists of lectures, exercises, and independent studying. By updating your knowledge, you can better your position in working life and your future.

The first courses will start at the beginning of September. The basic studies in ICT and advanced studies in robust intelligent systems include contact teaching that will be video recorded and exercises on campus at suitable times for adult learners. Exercises are essential in learning to program and on demanding technical courses. The study module on digital management is almost entirely online.

The application period for a right to study begins at the beginning of June when links to the FITech website will be updated to this page. You can also search for courses directly on the FITech website. Apply for a right to study at Opintopolku at least one week before the study unit is set to begin. For example, if the first study unit of the study module will start on 2.9., apply to study that unit or the entire module in question before 26.8. It is best to be an early bird and secure your place to make sure your studies begin smoothly!

If you apply during the summer, your right to study will begin at the beginning of August when you will also get more information on the practicalities of beginning your studies. The schedules for tuition, exercises and exams are here.

Tietotekniikan peruskokonaisuus (25 op)

Tietotekniikan peruskokonaisuus lähtee alkeista, joten voit hakea opiskelemaan, vaikka et olisi koodannut aikaisemmin! Matemaattisen ajattelun osaaminen helpottaa koodaamisen oppimista. Voit myös valita yksittäisen opintojakson.

Kokonaisuuden jälkeen opiskelija osaa tietojärjestelmän kehittämisprosessin perusteet. Hän osaa web-ohjelmoinnin perusteet, suunnitella ja toteuttaa relaatiotietokannan sekä tehdä pieniä tietokoneohjelmia ohjelmoinnin perusrakenteita käyttäen.

Hän kykenee hyödyntämään olioperusteista mallintamista ohjelmistosuunnittelussa sekä ohjelmistotuotannossa. Opetettavia ohjelmointikieliä ja -työkaluja kokonaisuudessa ovat muun muassa PHP, JavaScript (ReactJS) ja UML.

TITE1070 Ohjelmointi (5 op)

TITE1090 Tietojärjestelmän kehittäminen (5 op)

ICATC2100 Tietokannat ja avoimet rajapinnat (5 op)
ICAT2140 Tietorakenteet (5 op)

TITE2140 Web-teknologiat (5 op) 

TITE2040 Oliomallinnus (5 op) 

TITE2240 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction (kurssi  järjestetään englanniksi, mutta sen voi suorittaa myös suomeksi) (5 op) 26.10.2020 - 4.12.2020 (verkkokurssi)

Tulossa on myös vapaaseen aikatauluun opiskeltavia kursseja ja kesäkursseja!

Study modules in cooperation with the working life

Study modules that have been designed to meet the needs of the energy sector are in English. Digital Management is centred on managing the IT functions of a business. Robust Intelligent Systems will teach you to design and implement methods in various intelligent and learning systems.

Digital Management (20 ECTS)

During this module of digital management, the student will learn how to manage the information systems portfolio in a company and how to analyse and develop IT governance and processes. The student will learn how to analyse, design, plan and implement the strategy of the company with enterprise architectures, for example, transaction processing systems and decision support systems. The student will also learn methods and techniques to design, build and control project portfolios.

The student will decide whether to focus on designing services based on data, information and human expertise streams or to focus more on the business development side via building industrial product-service offerings, service blueprinting, and service pricing and delivery.

TITE3370 Management of Cyber Security (5 ECTS)

ISAN3040 Project Portfolio Management (5 ECTS) 
TITE3390 System Integrations (5 ECTS)

And two of these service related courses:

ISAN3050 Service Design (5 ECTS) First lecture in January, the rest of the studies online
TITE3270 Management of ICT Function (5 ECTS) 
TITE2230 Enterprise Architectures (5 ECTS) 

Further information and course registration

Robust Intelligent Systems (22 ECTS)

During this module of methods and technologies for robust intelligent systems, the student will learn theoretical concepts of machine learning algorithms and methods for data classification, clustering and projection. The student will also learn methods for AI, fuzzy logic, neural networks, soft computing, evolutionary algorithms and their applicability to energy technology applications in particular.

ICAT1100 Artificial Intelligence: Concepts, Challenges, and Opportunities (5 ECTS) 

ICAT3120 Machine Learning (5 ECTS) 

ICAT3160 Security of embedded and distributed systems (5 ECTS) (not organized 2022-2023)

ICATC2010 Sensor and control technology (5 ECTS) (not organized 2022-2023)

ICATC2030 Energy technology ICT (5 ECTS) (not organized 2022-2023)

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Fitech 5G

As a part of Fitech 5G program ( University of Vaasa provides following courses:

ICAT3130 Mobile Application Development (5 cr) 

ICAT3220 Modern Wireless Communications and Applications (5 cr)

TECH3020 GNSS Technologies (5 cr) 

ICAT3180 Applied Signal Processing (5 cr) 

ICAT3210 Applied Machine Learning (5 cr) 

ISAN3020 Architecture of Complex Systems (5 cr) 

TUTAC1030 Projektitoiminta (5 op)